Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Our Christmas 2014!

We had a really good Christmas that year!

It was Ethan's first Christmas!
This is the picture I put in his "baby's first Christmas" stocking!

We had a Christmas party at Marion's the weekend before Christmas!

Marion and Monty got the girls Frozen robes!

They love them!

Ethan and Kurt!

Me and Ashlyn!

My Dad and me!

My uncle, Brent brought his new girlfriend, Traci to the party!

Me and my sweet grandma, Marion! I sure love her!

Tara and Katelyn were there!

My sister-in-law Carolyn!


Marion and me!




Robert and Dad!

Angie and Rei!

Cute Jackson!


Such a cute picture of Ethan!
The smile behind the bink!

Aaron and Melissa were there!

Cute little Emma!

Happy momma with her Emma! 
Marion had waited forever for her! We are so lucky to have Emma!

We had a great party at Marion's and Monty's!

We stayed home Christmas Eve!

Ethan of course loved the Little People nativity set!

I made a turkey dinner!

We got a plate and mug for Santa that year!

Christmas morning!
It was funny when I took this picture! The flash set off a Fur Real cat that Ayla got from Santa, so the presents were meowing!

Ayla got a Frozen castle!

The girls in their matching Frozen Pj's they got the night before!

Ethan got these T-rex Pj's the night before!

Ashlyn got a scooter!
My Dad was there to join us! He stayed the night! He lives with us on the weekends now!

That evening we had Kurt's side of the family over for milk and cookies!

I love how you can see Suz talking to Ethan! You can also see Morganne eating a cookie!

Chris, Krista, Brooke, Ashlyn, Morganne and Ayla!
My nephew Kurt got an awesome lava blanket that year!

My nephew Kurt!

Me and Brooke!

Ethan opening his present!

Ashy loves small figurines and Charlie Brown! Perfect!

Ayla loves Frozen and Art! This was an art kit! Perfect!

We had a great Christmas that year!

Now I want to share just a few more things...

My favorite thing that Santa brought was the Disneyland Little People set!

Ayla with the Fur Real cat! Ashlyn playing with the Elsa and Anna castles!

Ayla really loved her cat! 
It has a sensor to attack the toy!

Ashy also got a Fur Real cat that bounces and spins!

Ethan got a really cute barn! That he loved to stand on!

Ethan was getting really good at getting around!

He was starting to walk! I can officially say he started walking at 10 months! He took 4 steps on Christmas Eve! We were all in the living room and Ethan was holding onto the ottoman! He then just turned around let go and took 4 steps! It was so sudden! We were not expecting it! I was so proud of him!

The girls right before bed on Christmas in their new robes!

Ethan playing with his barn! I love that his arm is out of his shirt!

Ayla in her shark Pj's she asked Santa for! 
She actually wanted shark Pj's the year before but didn't tell Santa until the night before Christmas, so she had to wait for a year!

We got Ayla a new dress for her piano recitals!

We had such a great Christmas! 

This was fun to reminuse about that Chirstmas!

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Things we did in December 2014!

This post is about all the other stuff we did during the month of December to celebrate Christmas in 2014!


I had bundled Ethan up and he stayed asleep the whole time! 

The girls in the reptile building!

I love these pictures of the girls by the elephant light! I love Ashlyn's cheesier!



Ayla again!

So cute!

Ayla built an Elsa castle!
Kurt helped Ayla build an Elsa castle! She did all the design!

Ayla with her Elsa castle she built! She is so creative!

She made a bed for Elsa!

She made a shelf for Elsa!

We went to the mall to ride the train!

Kurt came with us!
Happy girls!

Me and E-man!

Spent time with Emma!

Emma on Ayla's shoulders!

Emma with her momma, in her new Christmas shirt!

We had a Christmas dinner with our friends, Jared, Sadie and their girls!

This is Ayla with her friend, Evy!

This is Annabelle, she is Evy's sister and Ashlyn's friend!

Ethan was practicing on walking!

He was getting good at walking with this toy!

We went to a Christmas part that our friends Jared and Sadie put together!

Emma came with us!

So did Grandma!

Ethan so cute!

Ayla building a snowman out of marshmallows!

Here it is!

Sadie with Emma and Annabelle!

We had a surprise visit from Santa! He even juggled!

Ashlyn was pretty tired. She slept most of the time.

Santa even balanced plates and let the kids try!

Ashlyn finally woke up at the end and was having a great time!

She loves Emma!

I love Ashy in the background!

Ayla with Santa!

Ethan and Ayla with Santa! Ashlyn still would not go near him!

Emma with Santa!

Ayla had a school program for Christmas!

She was awesome!

Grandma game to watch too!

We always have so much fun celebrating Christmas all month during December!