Friday, January 30, 2015

Our Thanksgiving! Catch up post!

Our tradition in my family now is to have Thanksgiving at our place! We had it early that day at 11:00 am!

I love how Kody has grown out his hair!

My brother, Robert!

My Momma!
I really like this picture of her!

Marion and Ethan having a moment!

And little Emma!

My sister-in-law, Carolyn and my Daddy!

My aunt Denise and uncle Ruel!
Denise had just had surgery in July and she was able to come!

Lane and Ayla loved playing Disney Infinity!


Ahlyn, Ian and Rei!

My Dad and me!

My hubby and me!

Later on that day we went to Kurt's Aunts for his side of the family!

I had to get a picture of the girls holding hands! They did this all the way over there! So cute!

The girls put puzzles together!

Ethan loved exploring!

Uncle Kellie and Aunt, Arloa!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Our Halloween! Catch up post!

I did a few crafts with the girls this past October!

The first one was bats from egg cartons!

I even did one!

I bought a haunted house for Ayla to paint! When I brought it home, Ashlyn was sad so I made one for her to paint! I made it from a empty box of yogurt. This is when I learned I could no longer buy one kid something and not come home with something for the other kid!

We also made mobiles!

Ayla was Elsa this year!
I found the wig at Walmart for $7 and I braided it! It turned out awesome!

Ashlyn was Elsa too!

Of course the girls dressed in Halloween through out the month!
The picture above was taken the Saturday before Halloween. We were all going into the doctors to get our flu shots!

That evening, we went to the Trunk or Treat at the church!

Lane wanted to be a Zombie so Marion and I threw this together real quick! Ayla even helped me paint the blood!

Getting ready to go outside to Trunk or Treat!


Ayla took Ashlyn around Trunk or Treating!
It was Ashlyn's first time! She wouldn't have it last year!

It was so cute!

Lane was awesome! He kept acting like a zombie!

Ethan was the puppy dog that Ayla and Ashlyn both got to be! So it went through all my children! And the person holding him is my friend, Erica!

I love what Ayla drew on the table! On the left, she drew Lane and her!

My friend, Jessica did such a great job on her Anna costume! I had to take her picture!

My other friend, Jessica and her family were the Incredibles! I loved their costumes! They even came to our Halloween party on Halloween!

On the Tuesday before Halloween we had our tradition of carving pumpkins!

This time the kids wanted to paint them!




Except Ayla! She wanted to carve hers!

And I let her!

It was her first time carving a pumpkin on her own! I was so proud of her!

Ayla also painted a pumpkin at school!

On Halloween my Mom and my sister, Marion came with me to Ayla's school to watch her in the parade!

Marion and Emma!

Me and my Mom!


Here comes Ayla!

She looked so cute!
We went to Ayla's home room after the parade to say good-bye!

My E-man outside the room!

My little Elsa inside the room!

This was her plate of goodies she got that day! I love the doughnut!

That night we took the kids Trick or Treating around the neighborhood before our party!

This was Ashlyn's first time Trick or Treating!

She got distracted by the candy!

Our neighbors had made an Olaf pumpkin!

Then we partied!
Don't you just love Indianan Jones?! Ya, Kurt won the best child's costume at the party!

Melissa was Audrey Hepburn! She looked so cute!

Our adult costume winner was Amy the Fairy Godmother! I had to get her family in the picture together with her Cinderella and her Prince Charming!

We had such a fun Halloween!

I love Halloween!