Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Ayla update!

Now it is time for an Ayla update!
There is a ton to catch up on for Ayla!

She has become quite the character!

She looks like a Jedi!

She loves to dress up and make us laugh! LOL!

I can't believe how creative she is!

Too cool!

Ayla had dance pictures back in April! I did her hair! I was very proud of myself because I am not the greatest at hair! I youtubed how to do a bun. I found one where you use a sock! 

I did her makeup too!

This was the whole thing together in her costume!
Her dance was to Beauty and the Beast! That is why her costume was yellow!

Now for the pictures...

Here is the group picture! Ayla is at the top right!

My little ballerina!

This one was my favorite!

Being sassy!

Cute girl!!

I think Ayla really like this one!

Close up!

I so love dance!

Such a cute girl!

Aunt Marion bought Ayla some cute legging at a legging party she went to! These ones are my favorite!

Then these ones!

These are Ayla's favorite!

Ayla was in her end of the year Kindergarten program! See her?

Ashlyn was there and Grandma!

Got a quick picture before she left back to class!

I found this on the wall in the gym! It is what Ayla wants to be when she grows up, a teacher!

We then went to Ayla's class!

The kids played in the play kitchen!

Ashlyn loved it!

Ayla had her dance recital on May, 16th! This was when I dropped her off!

This was after!
She did so awesome! I loved it! She was so cute!

This is what she got afterwards!

I had to get a picture of her with her good friend, Emily!

This is what she got! Aunt Marion got her the bouquet of flowers! They lasted a whole month!

I had to get a picture of Ayla's hair the next morning! It looked so awesome!

I got a replacement camera from breaking my other one, so I had to take a selfy of me and Ayla!

Ayla finished kindergarten!
Here she is with a couple of her friends!

Here she is with her teacher!

This is Ayla's close friend, Conni!

Of course Ayla ate sweets!

Pointing at her butterfly she painted!

I thought I would be so happy the day Ayla finished kindergarten because I was going to have her home again with me for the summer. I wasn't though, I was so sad! I was sad she was done with kindergarten! I think the little program they did that day, for the parents, was what did it for me. There was a slide show from the year, they acted out some stories and they had a little graduation! It was adorable!

We did a lot during the summer! That is for another post!

I took Ayla to one of her friends from kindergarten's birthday party this summer! It was so fun to see some of her old classmates and to see them all have so much fun together!

Ayla puts notes on her door sometimes and they crack us up! The one in the middle reads, "Coming in my room makes you have to give me 5,674 dollars! " LOL!!! The one kiddy corner from it reads, "No Ashlyn when I'm doing stuff." I had to get a picture!

She can really put some outfits together!

I found this on the counter one morning! Ya, Ayla did it!

Ayla started 1st grade!
She of course is into Frozen!
I am so proud of Ayla! She has really gotten good at reading! She has read everyday, except 2 days since she started first Grade! She is learning a lot in math as well! I couldn't believe how much she learned in kindergarten!

She also started dance again!
We got her a new leotard and tutu! It looks so cute on her!

One day during September, Ayla picked some grapes from our backyard and wanted to do a grape stand. She put them out there for free and then she had a jar for tips. She wanted to save money for children who didn't have food. Proud parent moment! I can't take credit for it though, Kurt has taught her a lot! She actually got $1.40 from 2 customers. Then she did a lemonade stand and got 3 customers. She had a grand total of $3.60!

Ayla made a quilt for Ashlyn, while Ashlyn was sleeping!

So cute!

Here  Ayla is waiting on the porch for her friend to come back to play!

I took Ayla to the Circus, just me and her! It was so much fun! I loved it!

This was her face almost the whole time! LOL! It was pretty cool!

Ayla lost her left front tooth on October 5th!

Of course, Aunt Marion pulled it out for her!

It came out really fast and easy!

Here she is holding her tooth in the bag, when we got home, after showing her Dad!

I had to get a picture of her without her tooth!
Also notice her hair is done like Elsa? Ya, Ayla has been having me do her hair like Elsa and...

Anna! This is her school picture this year! I love it!

Here she is on October 17th holding Emma! She is about to lose her right front tooth!

Then Meshia jump up at Ayla and knocked her tooth out! 
Marion didn't have to pull it this time!

Here is Ayla without her front teeth! This makes tooth number 4! That is why she is holding up 4 fingers! This is just in time for, "All I want for Christmas is my 2 front teeth!"

It has been so fun having Ayla as part of our family! We just love her!

There you have it! Now there are updates on all 3 of my kids!