Saturday, June 29, 2013

What happened in February!

 Lane turned 16!!!

They had a party at his house!
 (My brother, Robert's house)

 Marion, Dad and Ayla!

 Uncle Ernie was there!

 Me and Ayla!

 Marion and me!

Ashlyn and Marion!

 Robert and Carolyn lighting the candles!

Lane's cake!

Happy Girl!
Of course Ayla was happy to be around their animals!

Our Valentine's Day!

 This is all our Valentine's from each other!
The Oreos were mine!!!!!

 Ashlyn wore the dress Grandma Perry bought her!

 Kurt and Ayla had fun pushing Ashlyn, back and forth on the train, in the kitchen. I think Ashlyn had fun too!

 Valentine's hug!

 Ayla wearing her antannas!

 Ayla did her craft she got!

I am so glad my girls love each other!

 Ayla trying to hold Ashlyn's hand!


We had a great Valentine's day! 

We got to spend the day together and get all our favorite goodies!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

It Poured Again!

I have been dealing with more death in my family. You can read about my post about the 2 other deaths I have been dealing with here.

On Mother's Day, I was pulled out of Primary to some very bad news. My Uncle Ernie had been found by my mother, passed out in a chair. She called 911 and they had her give him chest compression. He had a pulse when they took him to the hospital. I rushed to the hospital to be with my family. I met them in the waiting room and they told us he was alive. What they didn't tell us until we went back to see him, was he had a brain hemorrhage and that he would not live. He was in a coma and on life support. We let family come up to say their goodbyes and then we pulled his life support around midnight. I was there up until a half an hour before he passed. We didn't know how long it would be and I needed to get home to feed my baby. Then I was going to go back. But shortly after, I had gotten home. I got the phone call from my sister that it was close and there was no way, I would make it back in time. I had my Dad with me because he was so exhausted. We thought he could get a little shut eye and then go back when it was closer. It actually worked out for the best. I don't think it would have been good for my Dad to see his final breath. We all thought he was going to pass at one moment during the day and we were all losing it. It was a lot to bare. 

Just so you know, my Uncle Ernie, lived with my parents my whole life, so I grew up with him in the home. He always spent time with us kids and loved to take us with him to pay his bills. He always would buy us treats. He was part of our immediate family, not just an uncle. He was on every family vacation growing up all the way until 2007, which was his last vacation because of his health. That vacation was to Disneyland! 

I am so glad I was able to take him to Disneyland! He had never been! 

He has been at every family get together. He has always been there for Saturday morning breakfast with my family. He is all over this blog! I truly love and miss my Uncle Ernie. I know this has been the hardest on my Dad. He has had him with him almost all his life. Ernie is only 2 years younger than my Dad. My heart has been very heavy with all these deaths. 

We had the viewing and funeral all in one day at Peel Funeral Home in Magna.
The flowers in the picture above say, "Brother."

The ones on the casket say, "Ernest."

And this one says, "Uncle."

Some of my cousins, Justin, Buddy and Mike.

Lane and my Mom.

My cousin Albert (in the background) his wife. Trina, my cousin, Sandy and my aunt, Alice.

My aunt, Denise, my sister, Marion and my brother, Robert.

My uncle, Ruel.

My cousin, Burt put this Harley inside the casket with him. Which made us all smile because that was Ernie's favorite thing, motorcycles. 

Ernie was deathly afraid of heights and water but when he got on a motorcycle it was like he had no fear. I remember as a kid watching him rid his bike down the street super fast than pop a wheely on it and ride that wheely for a good distance. Ernie always owned a bike. 

One time Ernie bought us kids a bike, a little 70. My siblings and I would ride that bike up and down the drive way and all over the yard. It is one of my favorite memories as a kid and it came from uncle, Ernie! 

Here is Ayla with Grandma.

We had simple service in the chapel there and showed a slide show of him. I will have to put it on my blog.

Then we went to the cemetery.

The pallbearers.

My Dad putting his boutonniere on the casket.

Albert putting his.

My uncle, Denny did the dedication of the grave. You can see him standing at the head of the casket wearing the leather jacket.

Everything was really nice.

And of course we let everyone take a rose. Here is Ayla with her's.

Ayla and Ashlyn.

I thought his casket was beautiful.

Me with uncle, Ernie.

We then went and had a luncheon at my aunt, Alice's church put on by the Relief Society of her ward.

Then we went up to see that they had buried him.

We had him buried at the Magna Cemetery up on the hill. It has been nice to have him there. We go there all the time. We are the grave's caretaker. They don't have caretakers up there and you can decorate the grave however you want. We have been up there many times since he has past. He even already has his headstone, I will show that soon sometime on the blog. It has a motorcycle carved into it!!!

Another reason we love having him there is that we have a lot of memories of spending time up on cemetery hill. We tube there in the winter. We rode dirt bikes there in the summer. Ernie would take us kids up there and let us drive his car. He was and is a great uncle. He always spend time with you. He may not of ever married or had children but we were his kids.

We love and miss you Ernie!!!

I think one of the hardest times is going to be for me is when I celebrate my birthday. We had our birthdays close together so we celebrated them together.

I have so much to catch up on my blog and I hope I can do it. It just has been hard for me to blog but I hope I can get back into the swing of things. I might not be able to read others blogs for a while until I get caught up. Just know that I love you.