Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Breaking Dawn Party/Concert With Some Of The Cast!

Friday night, I had the lucky privilege to attend a Breaking Dawn party/concert and some of the cast was there!

My friend, Tonya called me up last weekend and asked if I wanted to go. She had tickets and her husband's grandmother works at The Rail (where the event was at) and she was able to get us in before the party started.

They had this cardboard set up and posters all over the place.

This is what it looked like inside before the event started.

Here is a picture of the stage.

Me with one of the posters!

We were able to go on a balcony to see the cast as they arrived.

This was the view I had. I loved that they had the red carpet!
I am pretty sure that the people on the front row had been waiting in line for hours. We were there an hour before it started and this is what it looked like.

Me on the balcony!
I was grateful we were able to be on the balcony because we got to see everyone. I might not have bee able to shake hands with the cast or get pictures with them but I did get to say hi to them and get their pictures.

Later, inside during the concert we were talking to a couple of girls who said they were down there and because they were not in the front row, they didn't get to see any of the cast. They also said there was a lot of pushing going on.

Carole Mikita was there! She is the blond reporter in this picture.
She has been a reporter for channel 5 news for years. I like her a lot! I have met her a couple of times and she is really a sweet person.

This is a picture of the bands that were there!

And now I will show the pictures of the cast that I got!

This is Peter Facinelli (Carlisle Cullen) he is in the brown leather jacket and he is standing with Jackson Rathbone (Jasper Cullen) who is in the nice suite.

I am going to list their real names once but in the rest of the post I am going to refer to them as their character's names.

I got a lot of pictures of them signing things for people.

Here is cute little Nikki Reed (Rosalie Cullen) looking up at us. She gave us a wave as well. She is even more beautiful in person!

I loved how Rosalie took off her jacket and totally did the red carpet thing!
In the right hand lower corner you can see Charlie Bowley (Demetri) talking to the press.


Jasper and Carlisle talking to the press!

Another one of Rosalie!

Now the dark haired, cute girl who is standing next to the blond signing autographs is Ashely Greene (Alice Cullen).

Jasper and Carlisle again!


One of Alice and Jasper!

You could tell there is a closeness between them. It was really sweet!

This was the best picture I got of Carlisle!
He was hard to get a picture of because he would only talk to the press for a couple of minutes and then he would got straight back to the fans. I really thought that was cool! You could see he really cares for his fans!

Here is the best picture I got of Alice!
Jasper is also in the picture!

One of Jasper and Demetri!
This one is my favorite picture of all the pictures I got! They were saying hi to us and Jasper is looking straight at my camera!

Ashley (Alice) was really sweet! She kept hugging everyone!

After the red carpet, we all went in for the concert and after the bands played, they had the cast come on stage and answer questions.

I had the option to have front row because we were already inside before everyone else but I didn't have a good feeling about it. I am pregnant and I didn't want to be pushed into a rail, so we went on the balcony again so we could see them.

They were all really nice and they expressed their love for us, as fans!

Jasper, Carlisle and Demetri did most of the talking.

At one point Jasper started to play the keyboard!

I did go down to the floor to try and get a closer picture. This was the best one I got!

I really had a good time and I should have gotten a picture with my friend, Tonya but I don't know why I didn't. I am grateful she invited me! I was really surprised that the place wasn't packed because I know a lot of people would have loved to have been there. I don't think they advertised it very well! Everyone I have talked to about it didn't have any idea it was going on, not to mention it was FREE! I would love to go to the next one and that time I won't be pregnant and then I can be able to be in the front row.

Thanks Tonya, for taking me!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Our Halloween Part #3 Trick Or Treating!

After our little Halloween party we had, we went Trick Or Treating around our nieghborhood!

Amanda the Ringmaster, Ella the Tiger, Jared the Fish Tank and Milee the Fish!

Me the Whatever and Melissa as Leena from Futurama!

The kids Trick Or Treating!
Lane as Batman, Brooke as Perry the Platypus, Ayla as Ariel and Ella as a Tiger!

Ayla getting candy!

I tried to get a picture of the kids with the decorations in this yard!

At one point, Ayla and Ella started to hold hands and wouldn't let go!

I had to help them turn around on this porch because they wouldn't let go of each other's hands! It was so cute!

Another cute thing was, Ayla kept introducing Ella to everyone who opened the door at the houses we went to! She would say, "This is Ella!"

Here is one of all the kiddos!

We went around for quite a while. The kids filled up their buckets!

Then we went back to our house and made...

Ding Dong Spiders!
I got the idea from my friend, Monica's blog!

Here is Jared helping Ella with her spider!

Amanda made one too!

Jared and Amanda showing the 3 spiders their family made!

A cute picture of Milee with the caterpillar she got that night from the Fishing game! I guess she really likes this toy!

Melissa made her some Mummy Pizza's since she was late to the party!
(If you want to know how to make these, check the post below.)
Notice, the apples and caramel dip in the picture? Ya, Jared and Amanda brought those and they were super yummy! The apples were fresh from an orchard and they made the caramel dip!

Melissa made a spider too!

After the party was over and everyone went home, Ayla crashed in her Daddy's arms!
She must have been worn out that night because she didn't wake up the next day until 10:30 am. I think that is the longest she has ever slept.

Our Halloween was so much fun! I loved it and I think Ayla loved it too! And that is what it is all about!