Sunday, November 6, 2011

Our Halloween Part #2 The Party!

First off, I want to show Ayla in her Halloween outfit she wore during the day on Halloween!

Here she is!

Little Miss!

That night I had a little Halloween !

Me and my sister, Marion!

Lane and Marion!

Ayla as Ariel with her cousin Brooke as Perry the Platypus!

We started the night making Mummy Pizzas!
I got the idea from my friend, Althea last year at a party I went to.

Jared and Amanda with their girls, Milee and Ella, making their pizzas!

Here are 2 I made!
All you use is a bagel, pizza sauce, string cheese and olives. You bake them at 350 for 10 to 15 minutes. Ours were good after 10 minutes.

Here is what they look like after they are baked!

We had spider juice to drink!
Coolaid and spiders.

After dinner, the kids played some games that I made.

Here are the kiddos waiting to play the games!

The first game they played was...

Pin the nose on the witch!
I made this game last year, you may remember it.

Ella went first!

Then Ayla!

Then Lane!

Then Brooke!

Ella won the game!
She got a gumball machine with gumballs as her prize!

The next game they played was...

the Fishing game!
I just drew some fish and taped them to a sheet and the sheet hung over our railing.

I thought it would be fun for the kids to bate there hook for the game, so I made worms with their names on them. Then I would know who was fishing at the time and give them the right item.

Brooke went first!

I love how Lane was kickin back as he was fishing!

Ayla's turn!

Ayla and Ella got glow sticks for Trick Or Treating that night!

Ella's turn!

Even Milee got to do this game!

She got a little caterpillar!

A cute picture of Milee with her caterpillar!

The last game they played was...

Ski Balling Ghost!
I drew and colored the picture and cut out the holes in the board. I think it turned out really cute!

Here is Lane playing the game!
Ayla went first but we didn't get a picture!:(

Brookes turn!

Ella's turn!

Brooke won the game and won her own gumball machine! She put the gumballs inside the machine!

My friend, Melissa joined us right before we were done playing games and ready to go Trick Or Treating! She was dressed as, Leela from Futurama!

I had to get a picture of Amanda the Ringmaster with Ella her Tiger before we left for Trick Or Treating!

And Jared got suited up as a Fish Tank with his Fish, Milee before we took off Trick Or Treating!

Next post will be Trick Or Treating!


Ann Marie said...

You are so clever!!
You sure know how to create fun and joy for your family.. and I love your cute games and food!

I'll have to remember the mummies for next Halloween season. :)

Thanks for calling me today.
Love you!

TLC said...

Oh my goodness, I wanna come!?!?!
What a cute Halloween Party! I LOOOOVVVEEE Halloween and I'm a little side that it's over :(

Nancy Face said...

The platypus is hilarious!

Love the mummy pizzas and spider juice! Yum!

The party looks like such fun!