Tuesday, August 28, 2012


My family always goes to Lagoon every year. It is one of our traditions as a family. It usually is in August. This year, we went the first Saturday in August. 

I left Kurt with Ashlyn at home. Kurt is not big on spinning rides or roller coasters, so he stayed home. This left me with just Ayla. This was the first time in a long time that I just went hands free! I didn't have any bags to carry around or a stroller to push. It made it so much easier and I got to ride a lot of rides with Ayla! And because I kept it simple I didn't take as many pictures as I usually do.

 Ayla would spend the whole time at the fountain at entrance, if I would let her!

Back by the terrace where we kept our stuff, there was a cute little rose garden. I thought of my Mother-in-law (because she loves rose gardens because of her Grandmother's rose garden she had) and I had to get pictures of Ayla with it!

 Ayla loves to be a ham in pictures!

 I told her I needed one serious picture!

 And she insisted on one of her smelling the roses! 
I guess she always wants a picture of her smelling a flower because I have a bridal picture of me smelling a flower.

 Her waiting in line for the cars!

 You can tell she feels so grown up when she drives by herself!
I remember feeling like that when I was a kid. I really miss the big cars they used to have. Maybe the next time we go to Disneyland, I will take her on the cars in Tomorrow Land.

 Too much fun!

 I think this was Ayla's first time riding Bulgy the Whale!
Every time we have taken Ayla, we have never made it to this ride, as far as I know.

 She liked it!

 I took her on some of the old school rides, like the Tilt a Whirl!

 Here she is getting reading to ride the Scrambler for her first time! She loved it!

 My Mom and Lane were in line behind us! They got on ride after us. I love how Lane is so excited about everything!

 My brother, Robert and my sister, Marion riding The Rocket, one of the best rides at Lagoon! 
This one and Wicked are my favorite large rides (which I rode that day) and as for the kiddy rides, I love Odysea and Bombora! It was my first time riding Bombora this year because it was new last year and I was pregnant last year. It is a roller coaster that plays beach music. It was so fun riding it with Ayla! I think we rode that ride the most!

And of course Ayla was worn out afterwards!

Even though I missed Ashlyn, I had one of the best days with Ayla!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Do Ayla and Ashlyn look alike?

I didn't realize how much Ayla and Ashlyn look alike until I did my last post of Ashlyn. I just wanted to share 2 comparisons.

 Ayla at 4 months!

 Ashlyn at 4 months!
I don't know maybe it is just the dress in these 2 pictures.

But I really think they look a like in these bottom 2 pictures!

 Ayla at 4 and a half months!

Ashlyn at 4 and a half months!

What do you think?

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Ashlyn turned 5 months!

I can't believe my little sweetie is almost half a year old already! I say this because this post is way over due. She is almost 6 months already!

Here is a picture of her on the day she turned 5 months!
We were at the Tracey Aviary. That is another post but for later.

She now weighs 17lbs! Can you believe it?! She is 26 inches long!
She already fits into 9 month clothing!

Now I want to share some of the things she does, has done or accomplished in her 4th month of life!

*When she wakes up (at 7 in the morning), she talks up a storm and it is loud!*

*She went swimming for her first time!*

*She went on her first road trip / vacation to St. George!*

*She had her first 4th and 24th of July!*

*She had solids for her first time! It was rice cereal.*

*She stared to try and give me kisses, so sweet!*

She rolled over both ways!

And perfected it!

And here she goes!

Starting out!

A little more!

A little more!

Almost there!

Pretty much there!


Now she just has to get that arm out!

There it is! She got it!

Ta-Da! Done!

Good job honey!

Cute girl!

Love this one!

Tired now! LOL!
She really sucks her thumb now! No more bink for her!

She learned how to kinda hold her bottle!
She doesn't get much practice with this one because I nurse her and the bottles she drinks are milk that I have pumped.

She started to set on her own!
I am actually not even touching her in this picture!

She has learn to scoot a little!

She loves to chill with her sister!

She touched the floor in her walker!

She even pushed backwards in her walker!

She loves it hen Ayla plays with her!

Now for some cute pictures!

I love this little love bug!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Our 24th of July!

Our 24th of July was pretty low key. Kurt and I just stayed home with our girls and did our own little thing as a family. It was really nice!

Kurt helped me get some rest that day, thanks honey!
Then in the afternoon, we let Ayla run through the sprinklers. It wasn't warm enough to bring out the pool.

Kurt and Ashlyn watching Ayla run in the sprinklers! 
Well, Ashlyn is looking at me taking the picture!

Ayla had fun for about a half an hour before she got cold. 
Another reason not to get the pool out.

It was fun for her to have it near her swing set!

She put on goggles, so she could see better! LOL! I love my cute girl!

Swinging in the sprinklers!
I am so proud of Ayla because she had just learned how to swing on her own a few days before the 24th!

My little ham!

For the evening, I had picked up some snaps, sparklers, 2 tanks and 4 snake fireworks. We also had a package of fireworks that my mom bought Ayla last year that we never set off. 

We did our own fireworks!

We did the snakes and the tanks when it was still light outside!


Being silly!

Ayla's first time with a sparkler!

She loved the sparklers!


Such a cutie!

We waited until it got darker to set off the rest of our fireworks.

There were a lot of fireworks going off around our neighborhood!

Here is one of ours!

We lit more sparklers for Ayla!

Our neighbor came by with his granddaughter and Ayla and her had a lot of fun with Ayla's snaps! It was so cute!

We had a great 24th of July!

How was yours?