Friday, August 16, 2013

The Bee Day Parties!

About 4 months before the girl's birthdays, Ayla showed me a beehive cake that she wanted for her birthday cake. It was in one of my cake books. I had forgotten all about it until I asked her what she wanted for her cake 3 months later. She said, "Mom, I told you, I wanted a beehive cake!" I was amazed she remembered. I then had a theme to go off of. It was perfect!

I started to google bees and beehive ideas. I found the cutest bee and beehive and I based all the decorations off of them.

This is the beehive! This was the invitation!
This was the front!

And this was the other side! You can see the little bee on it! It read, "Come join us at the hive, Bee-cuz Ayla is turning five! Instead of where, it read, "hive" and instead of R.S.V.P. it read, "Buzz" and every time I had the word be, it was spelled Bee. Cute huh?!

We had two parties, one for Ayla and her friends and one for our family for Ayla and Ashlyn!
Both parties turned out completely different!

I made a lot of things for the decorations and games!

This was the sign in table!
I made Bees for people to sign! In the basket were the Bees I sewed for the games. My dear friend, DeeDee helped me sew two of the little bees! Thanks DeeDee! I made one big bee for each of my girls and each of them got 2 small bees! I love them! On the table as well, was the first activity for the kids, they got to draw a bee on a balloon to take home!

This was the desert table! I made the banners, I love that it says, Happy Beeday! Also in the picture, you can see 2 of the games that I also used for decorations! And of course I made bee shirts for both of my girls!

This is how the room looked! I was pleased!

Kurt and Ashlyn!

I made beehive sugar cookies!
Kurt's Mom bought the cookie cutter for Ayla when she heard Ayla was into the beehive theme!

I made beehive cupcakes for the friend party! I made the beehive cake for the family party!

We sang, Happy Birthday first!

Notice Ayla's shirt reads, "Beeday Girl Ayla!"?

Ayla had a sugar cookie instead of the cupcake!

This is Niki! Her little sister, Alissa and Ayla are friends!

 Cory and Lauree!
Lauree is now on a mission!


Ella and Ayla! Good friends!

Ashlyn holding onto a balloon!

Such a cutie!

The first game we played was pin the wings on the bee! This was the game Ayla made up and requested!

Ella's turn!

Spencer being spun!

Matt's turn!

Niki's turn!

Ryder, Ayla's friend!

Next we played...

Throw the bee into the beehive! This is were we used the small bees that DeeDee and I sewed!

Then we played...

Don't get stung by the bee!
This is were the big bee came in. I played the song, "Bringing Home My Baby Bubble Bee!" and when the music stopped the person holding the bee was out!

We then had gifts!

Niki drew this picture for Ayla! I loved it!

The kids had a blast playing with the tissue paper!

Even Ashlyn played!

I then used the throwing the bee into the beehive game to take pictures of people being bees! I loved how this turned out!

You can see DeeDee in this picture!

And the kids wanted to put their bees in the holes!

Ashlyn on Cory's shoulders! Cory is so good with kids!

Ayla's party turned out awesome! We had a good time!

Now onto the family party!

This was the invitation for the family one! This time it read, "Come join us at the hive, Bee-cuz Ayla is turning five! This time it will Bee twice the fun Bee-cuz Ash-a-Bee is turning one!" Ash-a-Bee is one of Ashlyn's nick names we call her! So once again, the Bee theme was perfect! 

And this time Ash-A-Bee's banner was up! I also put a little flower that had 1st on it, on the middle A because it was Ashlyn's first birthday!

And this time I had the Beehive cake for Ayla!

I made a smash cake for Ashlyn!

And here is the beehive cake for Ayla!

We also celebrated Kurt's birthday!

And my sister-in-law, Suzanne's birthday! I made a beach cake because Suzanne loves Hawaii!

This time we had it in the gym!

I did the same thing for Ashlyn that I did for Ayla on her first birthday party! I put the high-chair right in the middle so everyone can see her eat her cake!

Here is the sign in table! This time, there was Bees for both of the girls for everyone to sign! And I also put Ashlyn's sewn bees on the table!

This is where I put the games this time!

This is where the parties become completely different.

Kurt's friend, Jared rents out bouncy houses. Kurt was filming Jared for some videos for his business. So Jared brought 3 bouncy houses. He left them up for the party!

I couldn't get the kids away from them!


I was proud of Lane for doing the slide!

I like this picture because you can see Little Kurt jumping in the bouncy house!

Robert, Carolyn and Lane!
We had hot dog, just like we do every year for this party!

Uncle Monty, Aunt Zora and Marion!

John and Ashlyn!

Amy is pregnant! So exciting! She is actually due next week! I hope she has her on my birthday which is next Friday!

My friend, Joanna and her little family! Joanna stayed at my house the night before this party until 11 pm to help me get the cakes all done! I love Joanna!

My honey and me!

I love this picture of us!

It took us a while to get the kid away from the bouncy houses to start the birthday cakes!

We started with Ash-A-Bee! She was not happy when we put her in her high-chair!

But she stopped crying and started to smile when we started singing, "Happy Birthday," to her! It was so cute!

Looking at Grandma!

Here she goes!

You can kind of see Ashlyn's shirt in this picture! It read, "Happy 1st Beeday Ash-A-Bee!"

Ayla and Kurt were getting in on the cake!

Then it was Ayla's turn!

Then we sang to Suzanne and Kurt!

Great picture of Suz!

Then we did gifts! 
Ayla ripped through the presents. She was too excited to get back to the bouncy houses!

Amy and John were the only ones I got a picture of with the beehive!

And last picture, one of me and my Dad!

Both parties were completely different! They were a lot of fun!

I am glad I had the 2 parties! One because it would have been over crowded and two, we didn't play any of the games at the second party. So my hard work didn't go to waste. I didn't mind not playing the games at the second party because I would have wanted to do the same thing if I were a kid. I actually wish we could have had the bouncy houses at the first party!

I had so much fun planning and making everything for these parties! I love planning parties!

This post should have posted a long time ago! I have so much to catch up on!