Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Ayla lost her first tooth! Or should I say teeth!

In honor of Ayla's birthday today, I thought I would finally do the post on her losing her first 2 teeth!

 On January 12th, Ayla had her first lose tooth ready to come out. If you look closely it is her left bottom front tooth.

That day, we had my sister, Marion and my parents over for breakfast. Marion as a kid, loved to pull people's lose teeth out. She did a few of mine. I remember her doing it for some of our cousins. Well she still likes to do this. I know she has done it for some nieces and nephews. Well she talked Ayla into letting her pull her tooth that day!

 Here they are laughing about it! I love that they are pulling the same face!

 She started tugging!

 It hurt a little bit!
I then put some numbing gel on it and...

 it came out!

 If you look closely, you can see her tooth on Marion's hand!

 Ayla holding it up!

 We put it in a bag!
Look closely and you can see that it is gone out of her mouth!

 Ayla was so excited she had to run outside to tell Grandma and Grandpa!
My parents are awesome! They were outside shoveling my icy driveway, so that I wouldn't slip.

 The next morning the Toothfairy had came! Ayla got 2 dollars and I took her to the dollar store to get something. She picked the little bus and some chocolate!

 On February 2nd, Ayla lost her second tooth! It was the one next to the first tooth she lost! Once again, I had my sister, Marion and my parents over for breakfast and Marion pulled her second tooth! This time I put the numbing gel on first.

 Once again, the Toothfairy came and she got 2 dollars! I took her to the dollar store and she picked out these 2 bunnies. One was for her and one was for her little sister Ashlyn! I thought it was so sweet she gave one of her dollars to her sister! This was a proud Momma moment!

Here are the 2 of them are with their bunnies!

One more thing I want to add about Ayla for the end of this post, is how proud I am of her and what she has learned in school!

I can't believe how much she has learned this year in school and at home! I like that she gets packets of homework sent home, so I can work with her to see how she is doing.

She is really good at art and drawing. Below are a couple of pictures from one of her packets! I couldn't resist taking the pictures because of how cute her drawings are!

 Here is a cow, a pig and a horse!

 And here is a dog!

One of the biggest accomplishments Ayla is doing, is learning how to read! Her Dad is doing a fantastic job with her! Last night, she read the book "Go, Dog. Go!" all by herself in one night. She has read it before but it took her 3 nights, so she has improved a ton! I am so glad because I struggled with reading and she is already doing better than I did!

Ayla Mommy, is so proud of you! And I love you!

Happy birthday. today!

I can't believe you are turning 6 today!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Our Christmas!

We started our Christmas the Sunday before Christmas with my side of the family at my sister, Marion's house!

I loved how Ayla was sitting on the stairs with my Dad!

Of course Aaron and Melissa were there!

Lane Brain!

One of me with my Momma!

My nephew, Cody! I think this is a great picture of him!

Ashlyn with Marion and my brother, Robert!

My niece Tara with her cute little Katelyn!

My uncle, Brent with his girlfriend, Traci! It was so nice to meet her!

My Honey and Ashlyn!
Ashlyn was having a hard night! LOL!

Our friend, Michelle and her daughter, Madi!

Madi, Michelle and Marion!

One of me and my sister, Marion!

We had a great Christmas with my family!
Ayla and Ashlyn both got Flashlight Friends from my parents and Stompeezs from my sister and her husband, Monty.

Ayla was so excited when we got home that night that she coordinated her pj's to match her Stompeez's! I had to take a picture! She also has her Flashlight Friend in her left arm!

Christmas Eve, we stayed home all day in our pj's!

I cooked a turkey dinner!

Ayla wrote a letter to Santa and hung it on the mantel facing the way Santa would be coming in. She said, "When Santa comes into our house he will say, "What the?!" She had us cracking up with this!

After dinner, we opened presents from each other!
We have the tradition of getting the kids new pj's to sleep in to wait for Santa!

Ashlyn in her bubble gum pj's!

Ayla in her cupcake pj's!

The girls decided to put on their Stompeezs!

We got the girls Glow Pets!
They wanted to pose with their Stompeezs, Flashlight Friends and their Glow Pets! I guess you could say they had a "Seen on TV" Christmas!

The next morning we woke up and Santa had come!

This year I hung our stockings on the banister. I think I will do this until all our kids are old enough not to pull the stockings down from the mantel and get hit in the head by the heavy stocking hook.

Ashlyn opened a few presents but then got board of it!

Ayla of course didn't get board at all and had loads of fun opening all their gifts!

Ayla's main present that she asked Santa for was "Zoomer" the robotic dog!
He is really cute! He acts like a real dog and does tricks on command.

This is how Ashlyn spent the morning, walking in her new high-heels (she loves shoes) pushing around her new stroller with her new little Cabage Patch doll! Both of the girls got Happy Hamsters. You can see them in the picture. They are robotic and move around the floor in their balls.

Ashlyn's big present from Santa was a slide!!
Of course Ayla loves the slide too!

Ashy loves it!

Not hands Mom!

On Christmas day, we went over to Kurt's parents house to spend the day with his side of the family!

The kids read the story, "When he Comes Again." in honor of Kurt's Mother! We read this every year with her as a family during our family Christmas party! So we are carrying on tradition, thanks to my sister-in-law, Suz who put this Christmas party together!

We opened gifts and this is where all the kids got the quilts and pillows I made them!

Kurt made my day, by playing with his quilt and large Shark we got him!
Moments like this make all the hard work worth it!

Suz had the kids make sugar cookies and decorate them!

Kurt is such a cute kid!

Ayla with her black mouth!
She had so much black frosting on both her cookies!

Ashlyn loved laying in Kurt's quilt...

and in Morgannes!
I love how she is pretending to yawn in both pictures!

And as for my girl's quilts and pillows, they love them!
This is exactly what I had in mind, for them to use them while watch movies!

We really had a wonderful Christmas!

I loved spending time with both sides of the family! Christmas just doesn't get any better than that!