Friday, April 29, 2011

Our Easter!

This post has a lot of pictures, so I will try and keep the wording short.

We had a fabulous Easter!

It all started on Friday, when we went to Kurt's, parent's house for an Easter egg/candy hunt.

The kids had a great time!

Ayla happy to find an egg!

Morganne and Ayla!

Brooke was helping Ayla fill her basket. What a good cousin!

Love this picture of Kurt!

Kurt and Kurt on the swing together!

Morganne with her basket after the hunt was over!

Morganne and Ayla.
It was hard to get a picture of them both looking at the camera at the same time. This one Ayla is looking...

and this one Morganne is looking!

Brooke with her basket.

Later that day, I was at the mall with Ayla and decided to take her to see the Easter Bunny.

Here she is waiting patiently.

Here is the picture that I got with my camera.
They only let you take pictures if you bought one of theirs, so of course I bought one.

The Easter Bunny gave her an egg and a coloring book.

I ended up framing the picture I bought from them. It became part of our decor.

Saturday night, Ayla and I died eggs. Ayla loved it!

She died almost all the eggs herself. I was so proud of her! She even didn't spill the green die until we were almost finished! She now always asks to die eggs.

That night Ayla put out our baskets so the Easter Bunny could come. Don't you love her mismatched PJ's?!! I adore her!

In the morning we saw this!

Ayla loved her "Bambi" movie!

She got some dress up shoes and jewelry.
She loves to put them on and say she is her aunt, Marion. I guess it is because Marion has been putting jewelry on a lot because we are doing things for her wedding.

She got a grown too!

Then we got ready for church!

Here is Ayla in her Easter dress that I got her from JC Penny's that was half off!

The headband she is wearing, was made by my best friend, Leah. Leah started her own little business with sewing. You can see her creations on her blog Southern Blossom. Ayla is also holding a little yellow chick and bunny in this picture that she got in her Easter basket.

We let her eat some of her chocolate bunny after she had lunch.

She loves riding the bouncy ball that she got!

That night we had my side of the family over for some enchilada's and an Easter egg hunt.

Here is my daddy!

Lane Brain!

Uncle Ernie!

Some more of the family!

My bro, Robert!

I even had my friend, Melissa and her boyfriend, Aaron come!

After dinner it was time for the hunt!

Here is Ayla waiting to go out the door to start the hunt!

Love this picture!

Running for an egg!

Finding her Peeps!

Ayla showing her Peeps!

Here is Ayla with all her eggs!

And here is Lane with his!

At last but not least, I did a project for Ayla as an Easter present from her Dad and Mom. I decided to put up a picture of the temple in her room. President Monson had mentioned this past conference, how each child should have a picture of the temple in their room. Ayla didn't have one so I decided to follow the prophet.

I didn't want to spend hundreds of dollars on the picture because we don't have that kind of money, so I bought a frame at the D.I. and painted it and put a picture inside.

Here is the before picture of the frame I bought for $3.

I painted it white and put a white matt inside the frame.

Then I ordered a picture online but it didn't work out. So I asked my friend, Keely if I could print out one of her amazing pictures she took of the Salt Lake Temple while she was here on a trip. She said yes and this made me very happy, not only was Ayla getting a picture of the temple but it was a picture taken from one of my friends.

This is the amazing picture she took! Isn't the sunlight coming through the trees amazing?!

And this is how it turned out!
It cost a total of $20 but if you count the $20 I spent on the picture I ordered online (that didn't work out) then it cost $40.

I hung it where you can see it the minute you walk into Ayla's room!

I tried to get a close up. It was kind of hard but I love it!!

We had a wonderful Easter!!! How was yours?

A special thanks to Keely!