Friday, September 28, 2012

Melissa's birthday party!

My good friend Melissa's birthday was on the 9th of this month. Her mom was in from Hawaii and wanted to do something for her birthday. Since it was Sunday, I suggested to have a spaghetti dinner at my place. It turned out to be so fun! It was so fun to finally return at least one favor to Melissa! Melissa has done so much for me and my family. She really is a good friend. She is one of the best people out there!

I made cupcakes to make sure we had enough cake for everyone...

because I made this small Red Velvet cake for her! This was her request! It was one of the yummiest cakes I have ever had and no I didn't make it from scratch, it came from a box!

I taught Ayla how to wrap presents!

 I let her use some of her new skills she has been learning, like cutting paper!

She did a great job!
We actually had two people's gifts to give that day, Melissa and my other friend, Amy, so Ayla wrapped 4 presents almost by herself (I had to help her a little.) Then Ayla made cards for Amy and Melissa! She did the same kind of card for both of them. It was like the one she made me for my birthday!

We had a really good turn out! It was so fun to see so many people there that love Melissa! She deserves it!

Here is Amy, Melissa (the guest of honor) and her boyfriend, Aaron!

John and Amy!

Kurt, John, Amy, Melissa and Aaron!

Some of my family came! My Dad, my sister, Marion and my Mom!
Melissa's Dad is in the background in this picture!

This is Madox, Melissa's nephew with Ayla!

And a great picture of me with Ashlyn! LOL!! I took it of course!

Melissa's mom, Sandy, her boyfriend Dave, Melissa's Aunt and Uncle and my uncle, Ernie!

One of Uncle Ernie! I love you Ernie!

Melissa's dad, Zane!

Melissa's Grandma!

Melissa turned 34!

This was when we were singing "Happy Birthday" to her!

Ashlyn getting in on the action on the swing-set with Grandma's help!

Madox on the other side!

Now it was time for presents!

I let Ayla give Amy and Melissa their presents she wrapped and cards she made for their birthdays!

Melissa opening hers!
We gave them both their favorite candy and a cute little frame that said, "Dream!"
The loved them especially the cards Ayla made!

A card!

She got a elephant that was from Jamaica from Amy!

And a new camera from Aaron!

Melissa and Aaron!

Here is the street view from all that came! All the cars on the street parked were people at the party for Melissa!

It was so great to celebrate Melissa and to see that she is loved by so many!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Aunt Nadine.

A very sad thing happened two days ago on the 25th. My sweet aunt, Nadine passed away. This has brought great sadness to all who knew her.

She is not my real aunt but I have never known her as other wise. She is one of my Mom's best friends. My Mom and her have been friends for over 40 years. I have known her all my life. Her and her family were a big part of my childhood. We were always at their house. We have always considered them family.

Nadine I love you and you are deeply missed!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Ayla today! What she has learned and done the past 5 months!

I have been wanting to do a post on Ayla, for quite some time now! She has really learned a lot these past 5 months!

She learned how to swing on her swing-set all on her own!

She loves it!
We love that we don't have to push her now! It wears you out!

She went to the dentist for her first time in June!

Here she is waiting in the child's waiting room!

She was not too fond of getting the x-rays done.

She was pretty nerves.

We had to do it a couple of times but at the end she was smiling!

She was so nerves in the chair. When the dentist looked at her teeth, she grabbed onto the chair so hard with her hands that her fingers were white. I felt so bad. I tried to comfort her. All and all she did really well for her first time and was excited that she got a stuffed animal from them for being so good!

We took her camping for her first time!

She swam for her first time without holding onto an adult because she had her life vest!

She also learned to wash her hair and her body during her baths, so she can give herself baths now! We still watch her of course and sometimes I just need to bathe her.

She still loves to draw!
She said she drew a picture of a man saying, "What the?!" LOL!! She cracks me up!

Here is a picture of our family! I love how I am holding Ashlyn!

This is a cat she drew!

She gave her fist talk in primary! I think she really enjoyed it! She now likes to pretend she is giving talks all the time! It is so cute! I am a proud Mom!

She is really good at making friends!

She loves to entertain Ashlyn and is great at being a big sister!

We didn't put her in preschool but we have been working with her at home.
My Mother-in-law has been so helpful with this, with getting us materials we need to teach her! Thanks Carol Anne!

She is learning the alphabet, numbers, coloring skills and lots of other things!

I am impressed at the things Ayla is capable of!

She colored this in by herself! You needed to color all the capital H's red and all the lower case h's purple!

Here you color all the capital C's red and all the lower case c's yellow!

Good job Ayla!

She has learned to write her name and I always make her put her name at the top of the paper she is working on. She is really getting good at it! She even insists on writing her middle name on her papers! :)

We have even been working on her motor skills as well! She cuts the paper!

Puts glue on the back!

And pastes it on a paper!

Great job sweetheart!
I even had her make a paper chain once!

Grandma Perry, even bought her things to paint with!

Ayla is quite the artist! I love her paintings!

Ayla has grown so much these past 5 months!
Ayla, Mommy is so proud of you! And Mommy, loves you!