Monday, September 24, 2012

Ashlyn turned 6 months!

Can you believe it?! Ashlyn is already 6 months! She has been for almost a month! I can't believe that she is already a half a year old! Time flies!

This was taken the day she turned 6 months!

She now weighs 18 lbs and is 26 1/2 inches long!
She has become really aware of things around her. She has gained a lot of coordination in her arms and hands. At her 6th month check up, her doctor was surprised at what she could do. She told me that Ashlyn was moving her arms and hands like a 9 month old. I said, " She might as well, she is the size of a 9 month old!" Her doctor had to give Ashlyn two sticks to hold, one in each hand so she could check her heartbeat. I am a proud Momma!

Now onto the things she does or has learned to do during her 5th month.

She has learned how to eat. At the beginning of the month, I started her on solids and she had a hard time opening her mouth but now she has the hang of it! She has tried many foods during her 5th month of life!

Here she is getting reading to eat carrots for her first time!

Her Daddy fed them to her!
Just like Kurt fed Ayla carrots for her first time!

Messy girl!

I love this girl!
She thought the carrots were okay.

These are other foods she had during that month...

*Cereal (rice and oatmeal, her favorite, she had this the day she turned 5 months)*

*Prunes was the first thing she had other than cereal on the 4th of August. (she thinks they are okay) This was the day she was away from Mommy for more than an hour for her first time. I was at Lagoon with Ayla and my family for the day!*

*Sweet potatoes (her favorite)*

*Peas (doesn't like)*

*Green beans (doesn't like)*

*Bananas (doesn't like)*

*Peaches (doesn't like)*

*Pears (doesn't like)*

*Apples and prunes (thinks they are okay)*

*Apple banana and grapes (doesn't like)*

Looks like I might have another picky eater on my hands! That is okay, I am a picky eater!

She has started to pull a funny face and breaths heavy when she doesn't like something. It is so funny! I need to get a picture of it!

Ashlyn  loves to sit up!
She is always trying to sit up when she is laying down! She cracks me up! 

She now rolls over with no problem at all!

She still loves to be with her sister, Ayla and thinks she is the funniest!
I actually started to put her bathtub in the tub with Ayla so they could take baths together. Ashy loves it! I think Ayla loves it too!

Her Daddy standing her up on the counter!

She learned to push herself forward in the walker!

She loves toys and always needs something to play with! She fusses if she doesn't have a toy in front of her!

Ayla took this picture! I so love it!

I had to take pictures of her in this dress on the couch because I took pictures of Ayla in this dress on our old couch!

Such a cute girl!

Mommy loves you Ashy!

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