Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Tracy Aviary and Little Kurt's Birthday!

We went to the Tracy Aviary twice in the month of August because the first time we went, all the slots to feed the birds were sold out. Ayla's aunt, Suz promised her that she would be able to hold a bird and feed it at the Tracy Aviary, so aunt Suz treated all of us twice to the aviary. Thanks Suz! We really appreciated it!

This was taken the first time we went! Ashlyn turned 5 months that day! :)

 Aunt Suz, also treated Ayla too some bird food to feed the ducks!

 Brooke was so cute, she was telling Ayla what kind of birds they were!

Here is Ayla with a colored pheasant!
If you look close you can see the bird on the right.

 I thought it was crazy that they only had a fence around the Eagles and not in a cage!

 Beautiful bird!

 This bird was crazy! It looked part turkey, ostrich, peacock and toucan!

 You can't see the heron behind us but I thought this was a great group picture!

 Ayla loved the trail of painted stumps!

 The had some fun picture set ups! Here is the serious faces!

 And here are the screaming fish!

 The had a fun little tree house in Owl Forest!

 Ayla and Brooke standing in the middle of it!

 They had these fun things that you could look through!

And one of Ayla, Suz and Brooke!

 Her is another picture set up! Ashlyn got to be in this one!
Again first the serious one!

Then the silly one! Although, I think Brooke is the only one being the silly in this picture!

 This was taken a week later, the second time we were there!
I didn't notice this before, until I was doing this post, I dressed Ayla in the same outfit she wore the first time we went.

 This time Kurt and Morganne joined us!
It was Little Kurt's birthday that day!

 We thought the pelicans were cool!

 Here is Ayla with the pelicans in the water!

 They have a trail of rocks to climb on. We didn't see this the first time we went. Ayla loves to climb on rocks! I have a hard time getting her off the rocks at the zoo!

 Ayla and Kurt on a log! So cute!

 Me and Ashlyn!!

 I think you have to stretch your arms a bit more, Ayla!

 Morganne in a cage!

 Ashlyn has this hair that is longer than the others. This picture show it perfectly! LOL!!

Now onto the whole reason we went twice to the aviary, so that Ayla could hold and feed the birds!

Ayla waiting patiently for the birds!

 Here is her first one!

 These birds were called a Yellow Conure!

 Happy girl!



 Ayla with two!

 Morganne had two but one flew off. I like how I caught it in mid flight!

 One on each arm!
I am glad I took the picture at second I did because the one on the right flew away!

Which left the one! 

 This was cool, the people at the aviary asked us if we could help them feed these baby ducks, so the kids got to feed more birds! These baby ducks will only eat out of children's hands because they feel safer with someone more their size. The kids also have to be on their knees to feed them.

 These were a special kind of duck. They were name the Whistling Duck because they whistle. We heard them whistle when they came out!

We had a great time at the aviary that day! That evening we had a party for Little Kurt's birthday at Arctic Circle!

 He had a dinosaur cake with a volcano on it! Kurt loves volcanoes!
And no, I didn't make the cake this time.

 We sang "Happy Birthday" to him!

 Him blowing out his candles!
Good job Kurt!!!

 Here he is opening the present our family gave him!

 Don't you just love the Christmas paper?! LOL!

 Kurt loved his gift!
He always plays with Ayla's small princess puzzle like this, when he comes over, so I knew he would like it!

 He had some pretty awesome balloons!

 Brooke, Suz, Ashlyn and Morganne!

 My husband, Kurt was there!

And one last cute picture of Ashlyn!

We had a wonderful time, both times we got to go to the aviary and celebrating Little Kurt's birthday!

Thanks Suz, for treating us not only once but twice to the Tracy Aviary!

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