Friday, November 30, 2012

Pumpkin Carving!

Of course we had our pumpkin carving night! I had a pumpkin and Ayla had one!

Ayla's pumpkin came out of Grandma Perry's garden from this year! We went over to their house about a week before we carved our pumpkins.

Ayla picked which one she wanted and I cut it!

Here is Ayla's pumpkin!
I love that little Kurt got in the picture!

Kurt and Ayla playing a little bet before we had to go!

We had our pumpkin carving night 3 nights before Halloween!

We had my Mom, my sister, Marion and my nephew, Lane over like we always do!
I made chili and cornbread, like I did last year! I think chili and cornbread is going to become part of our tradition! I love traditions!

Lane with his chili!

Of course Ayla only wanted the cornbread and made a mess!

Ashlyn rockin the walker, while we eat!

My hubby with his chili!

Kurt watched Ashlyn while we carved the pumpkins!

Playing with the blocks!

Cute girl!

I let Lane draw inside the eyes of my pumpkin.

Lane rockin out!

Cutting the top!

Me and Lane with pumpkin guts on our hands!
I like how you can see the bat lights behind us!

You can see Marion starting to carve Ayla's pumpkin!

Carving mine!
I am glad I kept it simple this year.

All done!



With the lights off!

I have two pumpkins in this one! 
(I am talking about Ayla being the other pumpkin)

This turned out cool! Marion put the flash light on Ayla!

Marion and Ashlyn!

Ayla pulling a face, standing with our pumpkins and Halloween decor!

Lane had to get in on the pulling face thing!

We had a fun time carving our pumpkins!

I think they turned out awesome!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Halloween Crafts and Decor

I have this post and 2 more Halloween posts to get out this week and then I will do our Thanksgiving post. Then I should be caught up again!

This one is about our crafts and decor we did during the month of October!

I am homeschooling Ayla for preschool. After we do a few worksheets together and I feel she is done, I let her do an art project of some sort.

This day I let her paint!
She is really good at art!

And here is the pumpkin she painted!

Then she painted a bat!

And then a spider!
I love her face in the picture above!
The cute thing is, she decided to paint all of these on her own! I didn't coach her on what to paint!

Ayla loved drawing pumpkins!

And bats!

One day, Grandma Perry took Ayla and I to Jo-Anns and bought some crafts stuff for Ayla's schooling.

I decided to make spiders with Ayla for one of the crafts!

Here is all the stuff we used, minus the glue gun.

We ended up not using the paint because it didn't stick very good to the balls so we used a Sharpie.

Mine is on the left and Ayla's is on the right. I was so impressed that Ayla colored the whole ball!

Then I wrapped the yarn around the balls by gluing one end and then wrapping it all around until the ball was covered.

Then we put our eyes on!
The eyes were easy because they were stickers!
Mine is on the left and Ayla's is on the right!

Then I cut the pipe cleaners and we bent the legs.

I then glued everything on.
The one in the picture above is mine.!
It was Ayla's idea for the mouth. She said, "Mom, they need mouths. We can use some more of the pipe cleaner for them." I was so impressed,  I didn't even think about that. When she asked for a mouth, I thought I would try and find some red string or  something to make a smiley face. Her idea was much better!

Here is Ayla's!

And here they are together!
I hung mine from our lights above our table.

And put Ayla's on one of the tables in the living room!

I bought this candle stick holder last year after Halloween was over. I bought the candles this year for it. I thought they were too plain so I bought a couple of things to spoof them up.

I got so purple tissue paper and then used a sharpie to draw the edges and make it look dirty.

I also got this damask, see through, scrapbook paper.

I then cut the tissue paper,wrapped wax paper around it and melted the tissue paper into the candle with the hair dryer. My friend, DeeDee gave me the idea and so I googled how to do it. It was easy! I now know how to personalize candles for gifts if I want. I wont be doing any for Christmas though. I made gifts one year for Christmas and I just felt it was too much on my plate. I didn't like the stress of getting things done. I like to have everything bought and wrapped at the beginning of December. I love to enjoy the holiday doing other things.

Then I cut and wrapped the scrapbook paper around them and tied a orange ribbon around them to add color. 

I thought they turned out pretty!

And went well with the other decor on the mantel!
Do you love how my kids are in their Halloween PJ's? Grandma Perry bought them matching PJ's.

Here is a close up!

And another one!
I don't think Ashlyn is very happy in this picture! LOL!

Now for some of our other decor.

Grandma Perry also bought these cute bat lights for Ayla. I was going to hang them in Ayla's room for her but she insisted they go on the  window because that is what it showed on the box. I had to agree with her, I really enjoyed having them on the front widow. They looked great with everything else!

We made some more ghost (like the ones from Marion's party) to hang from our lights over our table.

I decided to put the apples we had in a cauldron!

And now I wanted to share a house that was deck out in Halloween! It is the same house that is my favorite during the Christmas season! I drove past this house every time I went out to my parents during the month of October.

I wish this picture was bigger but I can't get it any bigger or the picture will get cut off for some reason. If you look close, you can see my favorite thing in this picture is the coffin on the left side of the picture.


This is my favorite part of the whole yard! The pirate section!

I love how the sign reads, "Dead men tell no tales." Ya, Pirates of the Caribbean! I think they did a great job recreating the pirate steering the ship!

A guillotine!

The Ring! Yikes!

And here is the last part of the yard!

I love it when people get into holidays!

I just love Halloween!