Monday, November 19, 2012

2 days at the beach!

After 3 days at Disneyland, we decided to stay one more night in California so we could spend a couple of days at the beach. We ended up going to two different beaches. We spent the first day at Newport Beach and then stayed in a very nice hotel in Newport. Then the next day we went to Laguna Beach.

Newport Beach

 I love how chubby Ashlyn's back is in her swim suite!

 "Sunblock Momma!"

Cute Little Baby!

 Kurt took Ayla out into the ocean, while I stayed on shore with Ashlyn!

It was warm but not that warm that day.

 Ashlyn was loving the sand! 
We laid all our towels out like a blanket and Little Miss kept finding a way to get to the sand!

 After a little while out in the ocean, Kurt and Ayla decided to build some things in the sand!

 They built a fort around Ashlyn!

 Ahlyn was loving it, being surrounded by sand!

 Kurt put Ashlyn's feet in the ocean!

 Then Kurt decided to bury Ayla in the sand!
There was a lot of people at the beach that day! It was the first time I had ever seen that many people at a beach! I guess it is because I have never been to California in the summer.

 Don't you love how Ayla's hair is still in her bun from Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique! Ya, we didn't see a point in bathing her, knowing we were just going to the beach the next day!

 Getting covered!

 Nearly there!


Ashlyn's chubby feet in the sand! So cute!

 I ended up putting her back in her shirt because it started to get cool.

 Ashlyn just loved the sand!
I actually was not too found of it because Ashlyn kept face planting it into the sand! Then I would have to get it out of her mouth and eyes!

 Ayla's turn to bury her Daddy!

 Busting out!

Then Kurt and Ayla went out to wash off!
We spent about 3 hours at the beach that day and then decided to go back to our hotel. Kurt and Ayla  ended up swimming at the hotel because they didn't get to really swim in the ocean.

We stayed at the Ayres Hotel! 
It was the nicest hotel I have ever stayed at! I wish I would have taken the picture of the room before we messed everything up! The beds alone were beautiful! The Lobby and other areas were amazing! They were actually having a wedding that night at the main pool so when Kurt and Ayla swam, we went to a second pool they had. I wouldn't have minded having my wedding reception there!

If you look close at the picture above you can see that the kiddos were taken up both beds! LOL!

 Ashlyn on one!

 Ayla on the other!
Yes, Ayla's hair is in a bun but it is not the same bun from Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique this time. I did it! Ayla wanted her hair done like that for the next few days because she felt pretty! She is so cute!

Laguna Beach

The next day we spent the day at Laguna Beach!

 It was a lot warmer there but the water was more aggressive!  We had to be sure to hold onto Ayla so she wouldn't be taken in by the waves. 

 Kurt and Ayla had a better experience with it being warmer!

 I decided to wear Ashlyn this time! Great idea!

 Ayla kept wanting Kurt to hold her!

 I never knew how much my husband loves the ocean until this trip. When I met him I knew he liked scuba diving but we didn't live near an ocean.

He was out there for a while!
 He is the dot in the middle of this picture. I think it was one of the highlights of the trip for him!

 Anticipating a wave!

 Got it!

 Ayla drew a picture of a person in the sand! 
I seriously clicked the button on the camera a second before the tied washed the drawing away. Ayla was sad that it got washed away but I told her I got a picture!

 She built a few things in the sand!

 This is one of her sand castles!

 Ashlyn's and my footprints in the sand!
  Ashlyn's is on the left! So cute!

 I love this picture of Ayla even if she doesn't look the happiest!

 Had to get Ashlyn's feet in the water!

 I think she liked it!

 Playing in the sand again!

 Ayla decided to bury herself this time!

 And one more picture of Ashlyn right before we left the beach and headed to Las Vegas for the night!

Laguna Beach was a better experience then Newport the day before. Only because it was warmer! There was even more people at Laguna then at Newport. It was pretty packed!

The Beaches were a lot of fun! We definitely have to do the beach again when we go back to Disneyland! 

I wouldn't mind staying at the Aryes Hotel again!