Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Marion's Birthday Party!

As usual, I am behind on my blog! My sister, Marion's birthday party was on the 22nd of October but we had a great time!

We celebrated at her house!

Ayla and I decorated! 
We made some ghosts to hang from the lights above Marion's table!
I of course had to do a Jack Skeleton one!

I made some cupcakes! 
I scored the stand for a dollar. I bought the toothpicks and cups in a pack, which made it super easy!

I blew up balloons and Ayla drew on them! This one is a Alien Frankenstein, she said!

A pumpkin!

This is kind of what it looked like! 
I love decorating with Ayla because I love to decorate for parties and Ayla is learning to love it too! I love to see a part of me in her!

Of course Melissa and Aaron came!

Cute picture of Melissa!

My sister-in-law, Carolyn with Ayla!

Carolyn's son, Cody!
I like this picture of him!

One of me with my brother, Robert!

One with my Mommy!

Lane Brain!

My Daddy, when he got there right off of work!

My Mom made a yummy turkey dinner because that is what Marion wanted for her birthday!
This is my favorite meals of all meals! My Mom's turkey is the best tasting turkey, I have ever had and I am not just saying that. She cooks it all night and by morning the turkey is falling apart!

One of me and my Daddy!

"Everyone look at the camera!"

I truly took this picture in the moment! The look on her face is real! She wanted a cupcake before she ate dinner and of course we said, "No."

After, we ate dinner we let Marion open her presents! I took Ayla to the dollar store and let her pick something out for her Aunt, Marion! She even helped me wrap it!

She picked out 4 Halloween goblets!

Being silly together! Marion and Ayla are really close!

Here are the goblets!

Robert and his family made Marion a card! It was so sweet! Inside, it had a picture of Ayla and Marion together!

And they gave her Oreos! Marion is laughing because that is exactly what she gave Robert a month ago for his birthday!

And my honey, Kurt wast there!

And of course Ashlyn was there!

Uncle, Ernie! I love this picture of him!

Dad and Ern!

Marion's husband, Monty!


Ayla insisted on a toast with Marion! Cheers!

Happy Birthday, Marion!

We really had a great time celebrating my sister!

She is definitely something to celebrate!

I love you, Marion!


Ann Marie said...

Cute pictures!

I love that Ayla is learning to decorate with you! So fun!

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