Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Guns, cake and turkey, what more could you ask for!

We had a very fun and busy weekend.

On Saturday, we finally had breakfast again with my dad and uncle. It had almost been a month since we had done that and we usually do it every Saturday. 

Well, my dad had talked Kurt into going target shooting with him. This is one of my dad's favorite pass times. He doesn't like to hunt but he loves to shoot objects and have them blow up. It is quite interesting to watch. My dad makes it really fun. 

We all drove out to Stansberry. Some one has set up a table out by the mountain just for target shooting. I guess a lot of people go to this spot. It was like we were taking shifts with people. When we got there, there was some people shooting and then they left to let us shoot and when we were getting done, some other people showed up. The funny thing was, we found out that one of the guys that had shown up was once my parent's backyard neighbor. What a small world. 

Here are the guys, Kurt, Dad and Uncle Ernie.

I was really surprised that Kurt actually shot the gun and quite a few times. He's not exactly a big fan of guns but he ended up having a lot of fun.

I told him I wanted a picture of him with the gun and this is what he did. He cracks me up!! LOL!! What a tough guy! And no, he didn't shoot the gun like that.

Ayla and I came along.
It was pretty hot outside so we didn't stay out in the heat for long. We went and chilled in the car with AC and listened to Micheal Jackson on my MP3 player.  I was sad that I didn't get to see my dad blow up a milk carton he had taken from our house. Oh well. We'll definitely go out and do it again. So guess what we are starting to save for the next time. You guessed it, milk cartons.

I had to share this picture of Ayla while we were in the car. She just looked too cute in it and I thought it was funny how she had eaten her hot dog. LOL!

On Sunday, my family had a turkey dinner and celebrated my brother's birthday. Happy Birthday Bro! His birthday is actually today.

I made a simple cake for the occasion.

Here is most of the family that was there.

After dinner, we walked over to my old elementary school and let Ayla play on the playground. It was a nice Sunday and I felt like it was Thanksgiving. I was so stuffed.

Oh yeah, I received a new calling. It is assistant den leader in the Cub Scouts. I will be with the 8 year old boys. I don't know anything about scouts but I guess I will. When I received the calling I told the bishop, "Just throw me to the wolves!" 

Kurt said,"They are throwing you to the wolves. And the bobcats, and the bears..." I guess those are the different ranks. Too funny. I didn't even know they were called wolves until that moment. 

I have to admit, I was a little sad that I wasn't called to the Young Women's. I love Young Women's. The young women of the church are truly amazing and I love them like they are my own daughters. 

Oh well. I know I will come to love my little wolves too. My first night is tonight at 6:30 p.m. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

About our 4th anniversary!

Kurt and I were married 4 years ago this past Thursday, on the 17th of September. It was a wonderful day. I married my wonderful companion for time and all eternity.

Here is a picture of that day. 
We were married in the Salt Lake Temple.

Kurt had taken a 4 day weekend, starting with our anniversary being the first day off. It was nice to be together all weekend. We did a "staycation." We didn't do much of anything but sit around relax and watch movies and hang out as a family. It was wonderful. We may not have gone anywhere but it was so nice to stay home with my little family. We didn't have anyone over it was just the 3 of us all 4 days. I guess we had my mom over on our anniversary but that was to watch Ayla, so Kurt and I could go to the temple and do sealings. That is what we have done every anniversary and will do every anniversary. It is our wonderful tradition. It is so nice to relive the making of our covenants and hear the blessing from being married in the temple. We don't do the sealing for ourselves but for those who have passed on. 

We went to the Salt Lake Temple to do them.

There is my hot hubby getting ready to go into the temple.

It was a wonderful experience. Funny thing was that I had scheduled us to do sealings at 3 p.m. but I had it in my mind that it was 4 p.m. We were there at 3 but I had forgotten my temple recommend and so we had to go through the process of verifying my temple recommend.  We got in and got ready and went up to the sealing office to find out we were 45 minutes late. I explained how I thought it was at 3 and the sweet sister temple worker said that they could fit us in with a group that was coming at 4:30 and then she gave us both a piece of chocolate for our anniversary. She was so sweet. I love the sisters in the temple. 

We got to set in the Celestrial room for a half an hour. It was wonderful. Then when we did the sealings it was in a special sealing room in the temple. Most people don't even know that sealing room exists. I had seen it once before on a ward temple night with my singles ward. When the sister told us that we were going to a sealing room that most people don't know is there. I knew it had to be that one. 

Also, the group we joined in doing the sealing with was a group from a ward that has been doing sealings every Thursday at the Salt Lake Temple for 27  years. Of course it is not the same people; they rotate. It was so wonderful. Even though we were late, I felt that we were blessed for being there. I felt that Heavenly Father was happy to have us there.

Last but not least, I have posted in the past that Kurt makes me cards. He has always made me a card for our anniversary. This year's card was a little different but it was still funny. You will see what I mean about different.

It reads, "Guess what, Honey. Cockroaches aren't as bad as we thought they were!

When I opened the card I seriously jumped. It startled me. That is what I mean by different. My card scared me. He had drawn cockroaches spelling out the words, "Happy Anniversary." Then it reads, " They just wanted to congratulate us on a happy four years! Love, Kurt (I hope this wasn't too gross)" He cracks me up. He is very creative and I loved the card, even though it kind of creeps me out. I can't believe even drawn cockroaches scare me. They are definitely one of my worst fears. 

Well, there you have it. Nothing beats the Temple, a homemade card and spending quality time with your family for your anniversary. 

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

3 cakes makes a busy weekend!

I have been trying to blog all week but Ayla has kept me busy and I have been busy trying to get things done because I don't want to have to do anything our anniversary weekend. It's been 4 wonderful years. So I wont be in the blog world for 4 days. 

Anyway, I wanted to post about the weekend and the cakes I made. I made 3 cakes and it kept me busy.

The first one was a Minnie Mouse cake that I got paid for. Don't you just love the mess? I didn't have the chance to clean up before I took the picture because I had to go and I wouldn't get the chance to take a picture of it with the kitchen clean because the people were coming to pick it up while I was gone.  That is how my weekend went. I felt like I was on the run the whole time.

The second cake was for my sister-law, Krista. It was her birthday on Saturday. Happy birthday Krista! I didn't take a picture of the cake I made because I made the chocolate one I make all the time and it is already on the blog. 

Anyways, we had a great family party at the Perry's.

Here is our nice, Brooke at the party.

Here is a picture of Morganne chasing Ayla around.

Here is Ayla screaming while being chased by Morganne. Lets just say it got pretty rowdy.

Ayla loves to be with her cousins.

Kurt felt like it was his birthday. 
His mom had a stuffed animal unicorn in with the toys and Kurt wanted it to take to work, so he could add it to the unicorn gallery at work. His coworkers are so funny. They have a place in the office dedicated to unicorns. It all started with a single picture of a unicorn and then I got a unicorn picture for Christmas one year and Kurt added it to the other picture. Since then, Kurt and his coworkers have added lots of unicorn pictures and other stuff and everyone in the office gets a kick out of it. I think he said he was going to suspend this unicorn from the ceiling. How funny! LOL!

Here is a cute picture of Morganne at the party. Notice she has the same cheer outfit as Ayla? Yay, Grandma Perry bought her one too. Too cute, huh?

And of course, Baby Kurt.
He is crawling in this picture but he has started to walk. Go Baby Kurt!

The last cake I made was for our family reunion on Sunday. Notice that the reunion is in green? That is because I ran out of blue frosting and I didn't want to make any more. I was getting pretty caked out by the time I finished this one. I still think it turned out though. 

The reunion was on my mom's side of the family. My mom's sister, Shirley came in from Denver and so that is why we had the reunion. It wasn't big but it was fun.

Here I am with my aunt, Shirley.

On my right is my uncle Ruel and on Shirley's left is our Aunt Zora and her husband, Monty. Zora is my mother's, mother's sister. I have never met my mother's, mother because, like I said in earlier posts, my mom was an orphan at 4 years old. I still want to share a post on them. I am so fascinated with my grandparents who died so young. 

I wanted a picture of my mother and all her siblings. They are lined up in order of age - youngest to oldest. So my uncle Ruel was just a baby when his parents died and my aunt Shirley was 6 and my aunt Kathy was 8. So my poor aunts were at ages where it hit them hard about losing their parents. I couldn't imagine loosing my parents at age 6 or 8. 

Me with my nephew, Lane Brain. I love him!

Uncle Ruel with his wife Denise. I thought this was a sweet picture.

Kurt and my Dad! 
I have to laugh at this one because they are pulling the same face and they both have a cookie in their hand. 

At the park where we had the reunion, there was a large hill and Kurt kept running down it with Ayla. It was so fun to see her have such a great time.

She had to try and hang from the soccer goal. She is so funny.

She is so cute; she was pointing at me when I was taking pictures.

I think her favorite part was the playground. She really loved going down the slides.
 She played hard. She was so wiped out when we got home, she past out.

This is right when we were all getting ready to leave. My uncle Ernie is in this picture behind my dad. 

We had a wonderful weekend but I was so tired by the end of it.

One last thought. Tomorrow is my anniversary and I just want my wonderful husband to know how much I love him and that it has been an amazing 4 years with him. I look forward for many years and forever with him! I love you, honey!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Another night out with my sister!

When my sister, Marion moved back to Utah from Washington 4 years ago this next May, I introduced her to my favorite country singer Keith Urban. She had heard his music before but didn't know which songs were his. I let her barrow my CDs of him and I haven't seen them since. I guess you could say she liked them. 

Last year for her birthday (Oct. 22), her boyfriend, Monty bought her Keith Urban tickets and guess who she took? Me. Yay! We went on Wednesday, so she and I had to wait almost a whole year to go. 

I think he is a very good looking man.

We didn't want to fight the traffic so we took Trax.

On the train.

Marion with the tour bus.

My turn.

Marion with the tickets.

My turn.

Here we are in our seats. We had the best seats in the house.

Just look at how close we were.

He looked about an inch tall.

Things got better when he decided to come through the crowd and sing on a platform that was right in front of our section. When he got there he said, "Now who has the good seats?"

My turn.

Our seats were on the end, so I went down the stairs to get a closer look.

Click on this picture and the one above it. They are pretty good pictures. 

I really enjoyed the concert. He was such a nice person; he kept going out into the crowd and touching his fans. At one time, the crew put a table up in a section and he went and stood on it. He thanked everyone for being there and he knew the economy is not the best and that concerts are not on the top of people's lists. One of the things I liked was he didn't just introduce his band members but he highlighted them in the show. He showed pictures of them from when they were a baby and from when they grew up and then he let them perform for us. Not only did they play their instruments but they sang. It was awesome. I loved how he didn't want to leave anyone out, including his fans. He loved letting the crowd sing the music. I truly felt he is a genuine person. I have been to concerts before and haven't felt that the person was as nice. They were nice but not as nice as he was. 

Keith Urban is truly my favorite country singer. You don't have to like country music to like his music. He is truly talented. He was very entertianing.

Thanks Marion for the night out with you. I really had a good time with you, like I always do with you. I love you!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

3 Cheers for Ayla!

Ayla is finally feeling better! Yay! She not only had strep but she developed a rash all over her body. The doctor said it was Scarlet Fever. It freaked me out. Kurt had to talk to me over and over again not to rush her in again. He was right. She got better within a couple of days from having her antibiotics. Yay for modern medicine.

Anyway, on Tuesday I went and picked up my in-laws from the airport. They had just gotten back from Denver, Colorado. And I just adore what they brought back for Ayla. They had gone to 3 Colorado Rockies games because my mother-in-law loves baseball. They brought her a little cheerleader outfit. And Ayla loved it but probably not as much as I did.

Go Rockies!

Ready? Okay!

Trying to stunt on momma!

Time to tumble!

I love how on the hot pants it has, "Colorado Rockies."

The hand up means she is getting tired.

Below are a couple of cheer dance videos of Ayla. 
Go Ayla! Go!