Friday, September 11, 2009

Another night out with my sister!

When my sister, Marion moved back to Utah from Washington 4 years ago this next May, I introduced her to my favorite country singer Keith Urban. She had heard his music before but didn't know which songs were his. I let her barrow my CDs of him and I haven't seen them since. I guess you could say she liked them. 

Last year for her birthday (Oct. 22), her boyfriend, Monty bought her Keith Urban tickets and guess who she took? Me. Yay! We went on Wednesday, so she and I had to wait almost a whole year to go. 

I think he is a very good looking man.

We didn't want to fight the traffic so we took Trax.

On the train.

Marion with the tour bus.

My turn.

Marion with the tickets.

My turn.

Here we are in our seats. We had the best seats in the house.

Just look at how close we were.

He looked about an inch tall.

Things got better when he decided to come through the crowd and sing on a platform that was right in front of our section. When he got there he said, "Now who has the good seats?"

My turn.

Our seats were on the end, so I went down the stairs to get a closer look.

Click on this picture and the one above it. They are pretty good pictures. 

I really enjoyed the concert. He was such a nice person; he kept going out into the crowd and touching his fans. At one time, the crew put a table up in a section and he went and stood on it. He thanked everyone for being there and he knew the economy is not the best and that concerts are not on the top of people's lists. One of the things I liked was he didn't just introduce his band members but he highlighted them in the show. He showed pictures of them from when they were a baby and from when they grew up and then he let them perform for us. Not only did they play their instruments but they sang. It was awesome. I loved how he didn't want to leave anyone out, including his fans. He loved letting the crowd sing the music. I truly felt he is a genuine person. I have been to concerts before and haven't felt that the person was as nice. They were nice but not as nice as he was. 

Keith Urban is truly my favorite country singer. You don't have to like country music to like his music. He is truly talented. He was very entertianing.

Thanks Marion for the night out with you. I really had a good time with you, like I always do with you. I love you!


Scotty and Michelle said...

JEALOUS!! I love Keith Urban (and I've even gotten Scotty to like some of his music too). Looks like so much fun!

Nanette said...

Sweet! What a fun thing to do. It's great to know that he is a truly nice guy. I love when celebrities are down to earth.

{Mo} said...

How FUN!!! Serioulsy, what could be better than a night out with your sister to a great concert? And, I will agree Keith Urban, is definately eye candy, hehe!

Kandis & Derek said...

So JEALOUS! I love Keith Urban! How fun for you guys

Christy said...

I LOVE Keith Urban! I went last year, he is a great performer. And to be with your sister... How fun!

eMily eLiZaBeTh said...

You are such a creative little writer heather! i loved the "my turn" so entertaining. looked like you had such a good time girl:)

Nancy Face said...

That is so exciting! Keith Urban is awesome, but I didn't know how nice he is, too! :)