Thursday, March 29, 2012

My sister, Marion and her husband, Monty bought a house and a new puppy!

My sister, Marion and her husband bought a beautiful home! We are very excited for them!

I took some pictures. Here is a tour.

The front of the house.
I didn't get the garage in the picture because I didn't want to walk across the street.

The back yard!
We like the trampoline in the ground! Ayla can safely jump and she can get on and off it very easy.

Now for the inside!

Starting with the master bedroom!

Upstairs bathroom!
I thought I got a picture of the other bathroom but I guess I didn't.

I love the kitchen! I think it is my favorite room!

The front room!
I also love this room! I love the flooring!

The lower level, living room!

Downstairs bedroom!
This house actually has 3 rooms. I didn't get a picture of the 3rd one but it is upstairs across from the master bedroom.

A storage room!

Now onto the adorable puppy they just bought!

Meet the boxer pup, Meesha!

Buckle is so funny! She always stands over the puppy!

So cute!

Marion with her pup!

She looks so cute running the yard!

And of course Ayla loves her!
She is so small!

She is even smaller than my newborn baby!

You can really see how small she is in this picture!

So cute!

I just love my sister's house and their new little addition!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Our St. Patrick's Day! 2012

We had a great St. Patrick's Day!

Here is our decorations, I put up on the mantel!
I love the clover I hung over the mirror! I got it from the Dollar Tree! I made the puff balls hanging from the ceiling.

I loved my candles too!

Of course my Ty bears!

I tied green ribbon on the pictures!

It was Ashlyn's first holiday!
Even though we didn't leave the house, I still dressed Ayla and Ashlyn in St. Patrick shirts! I know it made it fun for Ayla!

Here is Ashlyn in hers!
It reads, "Me first St. Patrick's Day!"

Here is Ayla in hers!
Such a cute girl!

The two of them together!

Love it!

I had my family over for breakfast! I made green waffles!


My Daddy!

Lane Brain!

So sweet!

I made green Oreo pop's!

I decided to put them on a plate instead of standing them up. Not a good idea, they all stuck to the plate but they were still so yummy! I made these for Christmas! You can see the recipe on my blog here.

Ayla enjoying her pop!

We also did the pot a gold hunt again this year! You can see last year here.

Ayla really loves this tradition I came up with!

She loves finding the trail of gold!

She found the pot of gold!

Then she opened up the gold!

I so love holiday's! We had a fun St. Patrick's Day!

How was yours?

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Update with Ayla and Ashlyn!

Ashlyn has been a real blessing to our family! We are all so happy to have her!

I took her to her 2 week wellness checkup last Tuesday. She was only 11 days old. I took her early because her doctor was going out of town. It went really well, she is healthy and she had already past her birth weight! She weighed 7.6 at birth and at 11 days old she weighed 8.1! Can you believe it?! I am very happy about that! She was still 21 inches long. Since then, I can tell she has grown. I just switched her diapers, last night from size newborn to size one. :( Very quickly my newborn is disappearing.

She is 2 weeks old in this picture!
This Friday she will be 3 weeks already!

Here is a picture of my daddy, holding her for his first time!
I know this picture is one in the hospital but I wanted to still put this on my blog!

My friend, Melissa holding her for the first time!
This one too was taken while in the hospital!

Her first bath at home!

I had my sister do it the first couple times!
I did this with Ayla too. I just don't trust myself until I watch them be bathed a couple of times!

My first time bathing her!

It was not bad at all!
I don't know why this makes me nerves. I guess, I am just afraid I am going to drop them or get their cord wet.

Now onto a few cute things Ayla has been doing!

First, she set up a picnic for her and my sister, Marion!

This is a train she drew! I love the tracks!

I love this monster she drew for her aunt, Marion!

And this is a princess she drew! I love the grown!

Now for some sweet pictures!

Ashlyn holding onto me as she sleeps!

Both of my girls fell asleep on me!
Ayla is still so in love with her sister! She tries to help me with her any chance she gets. Funny thing is, the other day, Kurt was holding Ashlyn and she was crying.
Ayla told her dad, "I think she needs to be burped, daddy." Sure enough that was what was wrong.
Kurt then said,"Wow, my kid knows what my baby needs more than I do!"

This was Lane's first time holding her!
I love Ayla in this picture!

Always kissing her!

The pictures below were taken today!

Ayla always needs to be toughing her!

Then Ayla got silly! LOL!

We all love Ashlyn so much!