Thursday, March 29, 2012

My sister, Marion and her husband, Monty bought a house and a new puppy!

My sister, Marion and her husband bought a beautiful home! We are very excited for them!

I took some pictures. Here is a tour.

The front of the house.
I didn't get the garage in the picture because I didn't want to walk across the street.

The back yard!
We like the trampoline in the ground! Ayla can safely jump and she can get on and off it very easy.

Now for the inside!

Starting with the master bedroom!

Upstairs bathroom!
I thought I got a picture of the other bathroom but I guess I didn't.

I love the kitchen! I think it is my favorite room!

The front room!
I also love this room! I love the flooring!

The lower level, living room!

Downstairs bedroom!
This house actually has 3 rooms. I didn't get a picture of the 3rd one but it is upstairs across from the master bedroom.

A storage room!

Now onto the adorable puppy they just bought!

Meet the boxer pup, Meesha!

Buckle is so funny! She always stands over the puppy!

So cute!

Marion with her pup!

She looks so cute running the yard!

And of course Ayla loves her!
She is so small!

She is even smaller than my newborn baby!

You can really see how small she is in this picture!

So cute!

I just love my sister's house and their new little addition!

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