Monday, April 2, 2012

Ashlyn is 1 month old today!

I can't believe that Ashlyn turned 1 month old today!

This was taken tonight!
She now weighs 10.2 lbs!
She is now 22 inches long!
So she has gained 3 lbs and has grown an 1 inch!

She loves baths!
She is starting to smile! (Not sure if it is just gas!)
She is becoming more aware of who is holding her. It seems her eyes sight is getting clearer.
She is getting good at gripping onto things.

I took this picture when she was 3 days old for her announcement!

This is how her announcement turned out! I had them printed at Costo. I love them!

Grandma Perry's first time holding her!
This was taken a little over a week ago. There were sick kids at the Perry's home when we had Ashlyn and so Grandma and Grandpa Perry weren't able to come visit until all was well. I am so glad they are able to come over now!

This was my sister-in-law, Carolyn's first time holding her!

And this was my sister-in-law, Krista's first time meeting her!
This was taken 2 days ago. She was the one that had the sick kiddos, so that is why she wasn't able to meet her until now. Her kids got to meet her too! We are so grateful the kids are all well and able to come and visit!

Now, I just want to share some cute pictures of Ashlyn that were taken through out the month.

Ayla burping her!

Ayla hugging her!

I love this one of her crying!

This was one of my favorite onesie of Ayla's! Now it is Ashlyn's!

I had to put her other bink in her mouth because she was holding onto the ribbon that connected her main bink we use!

Ayla putting her and Ashlyn's feet together!

Just chillin on Daddy's lap!

Sucking on her finger!

She is just so cute! We love having her as part of our family!


Ann Marie said...

she is such a beatiful baby Heather! I need to see you both again before she gets too big!

Love ya..♥

Cherie said...

Heather she is simply gorgeous! Your girls are going to have so much fun as sisters - I can tell how much Ayla loves her already!!

Kandis & Derek said...

She's so adorable!

Sovic Clan said...

Your girls are so beautiful:)