Saturday, July 31, 2010

Ayla and I went to the movies last night!

I finally am doing a post!!!!

I have so much that I want to post about! I have been very busy this summer! I wanted to post things in order but I noticed I just kept getting behind. I have a lot of pictures of the summer and I do plan on posting about all of them. Some are of girls camp too. They will just have to be random posts. Well Ayla and I went to the movies last night and I decided to just post it or it would not be posted for a month.

I took Ayla to the Drive In last night. Yes you heard me, the Drive In! I felt it would be the prefect place to watch a movie with a toddler. You know, I would be able to contain her in the car and not have to worry about her running around or being loud. It was the prefect place for a toddler.

What did we see, you ask!

Yes, Toy Story 3.
I have been reading about this movie on people's blogs and I have heard nothing but good. This has left me wanting to watch it more and more. I figured that if I didn't take Ayla to the Drive In to see it, I wouldn't have seen it until it was on DVD. We loved it! It was so cute!

We went to the Drive In an hour early to be sure we got a good spot. I haven't been there for 6 or more years. I found out we don't have to be there that early because the Drive In makes all the bigger vehicles park in the back. The cars are all on the front 2 rows. Score!

Ayla did very well waiting that hour. I think she just loved being in the front seat.

You can kind of see how far we were from the screen in this picture.

Ayla checking out all the families behind us.

She was so excited to be in the front seat.

Happy girl!

We had 2 of my good friends join us, Amy and Melissa. I didn't get a picture of Melissa because she came later but Amy came with me to wait out the hour. She had fun playing with Ayla.

Amy and Ayla had fun popping their heads out the car windows.
It is Amy's birthday on Sunday and so that was another reason we all got together.

Amy took this picture. I love how Ayla looks smooshed!

They had the cutest clip before the movie started. It was called Day and Night.

Ayla enjoyed every minute of it.

The screen looks so far away in these pictures. It really wasn't that far.

One of Ken and Barbie!

We had a great time! I am glad it was at the Drive In because, of course, Ayla moved around a lot. She ended up sitting on my lap towards the end of the movie. She watched every minute of it though. She may have been moving around but her eyes were glued to the screen. By the end, Ayla kept asking about Buzz.

We stayed for the second movie "The Sorcerer's Apprentice." I was worried it might be too scary and that we would have to leave. It was but it didn't matter, Ayla feel asleep at the very beginning of the movie. I thought that movie was okay. Not one that I would own.
We had so much fun! And you bet I will be taking Ayla to the Drive In again! Not to mention it was cheap; it was $7 and Ayla was free because she is under 4 years old.

Though the quality of the movies are better in a theater, you can't beat 2 movies for $7.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Girls Camp

I just want every one to know why I have been away from blogland. I miss it so! I have wanted to read your blogs and I have not had a chance. Reason being, I was called to camp director 2 and a half weeks ago. Camp is next week. I have been super busy planning and executing things.

I want to express my love to my Heavenly Father. He truly has helped me with this calling that I have received on such short notice. My mind has been clear and I have been able to come up with ideas. Every thing has been planned. Plus I have been able to get the things we need for all our activities. I have even done all the first aid certification already.

I love Young Womens and I am happy to do this for them! We have a great group of girls and leaders! I am so excited for them! It is going to be a blast! I wont be going to camp with the girls the whole time but I will be there for half.

If you want to know what girls camp is, look right here.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Our Memorial Day!

I know that this should be our 4th of July post, due to the fact the 4th of July was over the weekend but I am a little behind. I wanted to post about our Memorial Day. Every year around Memorial Day, me, my mom and my sister, Marion all take a drive up to Brigham City to see my mother's parent's graves. Their story is very tragic. They died at a very young age.

My grandpa, Ruel at 28 and my grandma, Betty at 26.

My grandparents were very in love. They loved to go do things together. One October day, they decided to go hunting for the day. It was warmer during the day so they didn't dress warm. While they were hunting up Spanish Fork Canyon (in a totally different location then they told people they would be) a blizzard struck. Their truck got stuck and couldn't get it out. My grandpa thought he knew the direction to town and so they set out on foot. Like I said, it was warmer that day and they were not dressed warm. Because the blizzard was so bad, they got lost and both died of hypothermia. My grandmother, Betty died first and my grandpa, Ruel carried her for quite some time before burying her with pine boughs under a tree. He still tried to get out of the canyon but he too died. When he passed, he fell face down in the snow without a struggle. They left four children behind including my mother.

I can't believe how much my sister, Marion looks like our grandma Betty!

This picture was taken a little over a year before they passed.
My mom was a daddy's girl! She is the one in her father's arms. My grandma at this time was pregnant with their 4th child, my uncle, Ruel.

Here are the 4 children at the time of their passing.
LtoR: Kathy age 8, Shirley age 7, Ruel age 6 months and Christine age 4. Christine is my mother. She goes by Chris.

Back when my grandparents were dating and were first married, they loved to hang out at a cafe called Idles Isles Cafe. I also found out from reading my great grandfather's history, he took my great grandmother there on their first date.

That Cafe is still around up in Brigham City.
We love to go and have lunch there and go to all the grandparent's graves at the cemetery there. It is our Memorial Day tradition. We usually go there the day after Memorial Day. And that is what we did this year.

This is what the cafe looked liked from the outside when our grandparents used to hang out there.

This is what it looks like today!

It has been there since 1921.

The coolest thing is that the inside pretty much looks the same as when it opened.

This is what it looks like when you first come in.
It has the original walls, ceiling, benches and counters.

Here is the waiting bench.
Same bench they had back then.

Here is the original espresso machine put in a case.

You can see the old Coke machines they use to use in this picture.

They also have other dinning rooms too. So cute!

Here is Ayla running to our seats!

We like to sit in the original booths there.
We like to think about how we could be sitting wear our grandparents had sat before. In my mother's case her parents. It helps her feel close to them.

And of course one of me with Ayla!

Ayla got to color!

My mom with the menu.

Here is the story about Idles Isles.
You might need to click on the picture to read it.

We not only love to eat there because it is the place our grandparents and parents hung out at but the food is very yummy! It is all made from scratch. They have yummy rolls with homemade apricot jam.

After lunch, we headed to the cemetery.

They are buried at the Brigham City Cemetery.

Here is my grandparent's - Ruel and Betty.
We always leave roses on their graves.

This is my great grandparent's who went to Idles Isles on their first date.
They are Ruel's parents. Their names are Truman and Winnifred. I loved my great grandpa, Truman. He was the only real grandparent I knew growing up. My dad's parents were both gone too. Though I do have a great aunt named Marion. She was the closest thing to a mother my mom had growing up. That is who my sister is named after. I call her my grandma, Marion. She has always been my grandmother.

Here are Truman's parents.

This is my great uncle Bruce, my grandpa, Rule's brother. He died at the age of 23.
He was in the Air Force and was in Korea around highly radioactive equipment. A plane blew up one day upon landing, and Bruce was blown through a corrugated wall of a quarantined building. His body was full of fine particles of metal that for months kept working out to the surface of his skin. My Grandpa Truman would pull the pieces out with sliver pullers. Bruce later developed cancer and the doctors theorized that it was from that accident he had and the radiation he had been exposed to. The cancer developed in his lymph nodes and spread. It then struck his liver which eventually took his life.

Here is my mom looking at their graves.

And of course Ayla was trying to play with every thing on all the graves there. I had to share the picture of Ayla with the flag!

We had a great Memorial Day experience. It always is when we do this. We look forward to doing it every year. This experience helps us feel close to my grandparents. We love them so much!