Saturday, July 31, 2010

Ayla and I went to the movies last night!

I finally am doing a post!!!!

I have so much that I want to post about! I have been very busy this summer! I wanted to post things in order but I noticed I just kept getting behind. I have a lot of pictures of the summer and I do plan on posting about all of them. Some are of girls camp too. They will just have to be random posts. Well Ayla and I went to the movies last night and I decided to just post it or it would not be posted for a month.

I took Ayla to the Drive In last night. Yes you heard me, the Drive In! I felt it would be the prefect place to watch a movie with a toddler. You know, I would be able to contain her in the car and not have to worry about her running around or being loud. It was the prefect place for a toddler.

What did we see, you ask!

Yes, Toy Story 3.
I have been reading about this movie on people's blogs and I have heard nothing but good. This has left me wanting to watch it more and more. I figured that if I didn't take Ayla to the Drive In to see it, I wouldn't have seen it until it was on DVD. We loved it! It was so cute!

We went to the Drive In an hour early to be sure we got a good spot. I haven't been there for 6 or more years. I found out we don't have to be there that early because the Drive In makes all the bigger vehicles park in the back. The cars are all on the front 2 rows. Score!

Ayla did very well waiting that hour. I think she just loved being in the front seat.

You can kind of see how far we were from the screen in this picture.

Ayla checking out all the families behind us.

She was so excited to be in the front seat.

Happy girl!

We had 2 of my good friends join us, Amy and Melissa. I didn't get a picture of Melissa because she came later but Amy came with me to wait out the hour. She had fun playing with Ayla.

Amy and Ayla had fun popping their heads out the car windows.
It is Amy's birthday on Sunday and so that was another reason we all got together.

Amy took this picture. I love how Ayla looks smooshed!

They had the cutest clip before the movie started. It was called Day and Night.

Ayla enjoyed every minute of it.

The screen looks so far away in these pictures. It really wasn't that far.

One of Ken and Barbie!

We had a great time! I am glad it was at the Drive In because, of course, Ayla moved around a lot. She ended up sitting on my lap towards the end of the movie. She watched every minute of it though. She may have been moving around but her eyes were glued to the screen. By the end, Ayla kept asking about Buzz.

We stayed for the second movie "The Sorcerer's Apprentice." I was worried it might be too scary and that we would have to leave. It was but it didn't matter, Ayla feel asleep at the very beginning of the movie. I thought that movie was okay. Not one that I would own.
We had so much fun! And you bet I will be taking Ayla to the Drive In again! Not to mention it was cheap; it was $7 and Ayla was free because she is under 4 years old.

Though the quality of the movies are better in a theater, you can't beat 2 movies for $7.


Ann Marie said...

We need to do the drive in. The kids would love that.

I loved Toy Story 3! Loved-LOVED Ken and Barbie the mostest!

Ann Marie said...

Ps; Ayla is growing up FAST!

Connie said...

Such cute pictures of Ayla's excitement. I took the grands to Toy Story 3 and we all loved it! It's been a while since I've been to the drive-in!

BTW, if you really want some apricots, I know a place to get 'em! Let me know!

Nancy Face said...

Zach Face saw Toy Story 3 before I did, and he insisted that it would make me cry. Welp, I was determined to prove him wrong. I lost...BIG TIME! ;)