Monday, November 25, 2013

Fun! Fun! Fun!

Kurt and I took Ayla to Hollywood Connection! 
We left Ashlyn with our sister, Krista and just took Ayla. It was fun!

Ayla going down the slide!

I loved that Ayla was big enough to ride the bumper cars this time!

Kurt rode and did everything with her while I sat and watched!

Them on the bus!

I stood in front of the bus and took pictures as they went around! They were hilarious, they kept changing positions as they went around!

Kurt is such a fun Dad!

Them on the Carousel!

Being silly!

I love the look on Ayla's face in this picture! You can tell she is having a blast!

Ayla really wanted to miniature golf! It was her first time!


She did pretty good!

I love this picture!

Had to get a picture of Ayla with the volcanos in honor of her cousin, Kurt!

I love how it looks like the dinosaur is scratching Ayla's head!

We had a great time with Ayla!

We definitely want to spend some individual time with each of our kids in the future!

We had a snow day!
I think the snow day happened, the weekend after Halloween! Kurt took the girls out to play in it!

It was Ashlyn first time playing in the snow!

Ayla building a snowman!
She built for Ashlyn! She loves her little sister!

Having fun together!

My cute, girls!
Kurt pulled them around the yard in a sled! He is such a fun Dad!

We had Morganne and Kurt over for a playdate!
Krista took some cut pictures, I had to share!

Yes, we have the Thanksgiving decorations out!

The kids gathered pine needles and made a nest!

Morganne pretending to sleep in the nest!

Ashlyn started to go down the slide all on her own, for her first time! She even climbed the ladder!

I was so proud of her! I started giving her high 5!

She then expected it every time she went down! She is so cute!

Trying to be a big girl on the swing, all on her own!

Playdates are the best!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Our Halloween!

This year Ayla wanted to be Puss in Boots!

I had to make the costume. I altered two women shirts to be the dress shirt and the pants for the body suit. I bought material and found a tutorial on how to make boot covers. I also had to find a feather to go in the hat. It took me a while to finish it but I like how it turned out!

Ashlyn was going to be a Bubble Bee because we call her Ash-a-Bee a lot! The sad thing is she would not let me put her costume on during any of the festivities so the picture above was take from my phone the day we got the costume. She wore it then!

This is basically what she spent Halloween in! I have a picture of Ayla in this exact outfit at Ashlyn's age!

Ashlyn sitting on a pumpkin!

Ayla joined her!

The Saturday before Halloween, my ward had a Trunk or Treat!

Here is Ayla with her makeup on!
My little sassy, Puss in Boots!

They had soups and chili for all of us first!

Megan and Niki! I love these girls!

I had to get a picture of Darren with his new baby boy! Darren is actually a real chef so that is his chef uniform! I loved how they coordinated! They one best costume!

Ayla coloring!

Ashlyn was drinking from a cup all on her own!

It was time to go out to Trunk or Treat but of course Ashlyn would not let me put on her costume! My Mom actually took her back to the house to be with her Dad. She was not in the best mood.

Ayla had a good time!

So did Lane!

They had a contest on best Trunk. I was so impressed with some of the stuff people did!

A graveyard in their van!
I loved that it had Pirates!

They turned their car into a whale! Cute!

This one was my favorite! They had you walk into the van to get their candy!

Ayla coming out!

Lane too!

Another cute car!

This is Harmony! She is our Primary president and put this whole thing together! She did a fabulous job! I also like her van as well!

This is one of the members our bishopric! 
You couldn't even tell who he was! LOL! He also won a prize for best costume too!

Ayla with her candy!

After the Trunk or Treat we went back inside for a parade!

We had a great time at the Trunk or Treat!

The Monday before Halloween, we did our chili and pumpkin carving tradition!

Ashlyn with her cornbread! I love this picture of her!


Ayla drew all the faces on the pumpkins! She did a great job! I was really impressed at the large pumpkin's face when it was carved!

Ayla helping with the guts!

I carved the 2 little ones and Marion did the Large one!

See how awesome they turned out! Ayla did a fabulous job didn't she!

All of us with the pumpkins!

Ayla wanted a picture with them with the fireplace!

The morning of Halloween, Ayla got to have her first Halloween school parade!

I snuck a picture of her in her classroom!

We waited in the gym!

Ashlyn being silly! LOL!
And once again Ashlyn would not let me put on her costume on that day so I guess she went as a little witch!

Here is Ayla! 
She was pretty tired. She is not used to getting up that early. She has pm kindergarten but next year she will have to get used to it!

I thought this Frankenstein was awesome!

I love some of the stuff people come up with!

Ayla after the parade waiting in the hall!

Later that day we went to our old ward's Trunk or Treat!

I loved that Amy and her husband were farmers and their children were animals!

Ayla Trunk or Treating!

I had to get this picture!

This time Morganne, Brooke and Kurt joined us!

After the Trunk or Treat we went back to our house to let the kids Trick or Treat around our neighborhood!

Trick or...


Melissa and me!
I decided to do the whole baby coming out of your shirt thing for Halloween! You know because I am pregnant! I got the idea from a girl I saw last year at one of the Trunk or Treats we went to.

See the cute little spider to the far left of this picture? She won best kid costume at my party that night!

So after Trick or Treating we went back to the house for the party! We had mummy pizzas and cupcakes, had games for the kids and had a good time visiting with everyone!

I don't have a ton of pictures of the party because my camera ran out of memory. Thank goodness my sister-in-law took some pictures so I am sharing some of hers!

Cute little Millie was a bee! It would have been cute if Ash-a-Bee wore her costume too that night!

My sister-in-law, Krista made this Pinkie Pie costume for her daughter, Morganne! She did a fabulous job!

And you can't be Pinkie Pie without a cupcake!

Melissa won the best costume for the grown ups!
She was a cute Minion!

Halloween was a lot of fun!

I love Halloween!