Monday, November 25, 2013

Fun! Fun! Fun!

Kurt and I took Ayla to Hollywood Connection! 
We left Ashlyn with our sister, Krista and just took Ayla. It was fun!

Ayla going down the slide!

I loved that Ayla was big enough to ride the bumper cars this time!

Kurt rode and did everything with her while I sat and watched!

Them on the bus!

I stood in front of the bus and took pictures as they went around! They were hilarious, they kept changing positions as they went around!

Kurt is such a fun Dad!

Them on the Carousel!

Being silly!

I love the look on Ayla's face in this picture! You can tell she is having a blast!

Ayla really wanted to miniature golf! It was her first time!


She did pretty good!

I love this picture!

Had to get a picture of Ayla with the volcanos in honor of her cousin, Kurt!

I love how it looks like the dinosaur is scratching Ayla's head!

We had a great time with Ayla!

We definitely want to spend some individual time with each of our kids in the future!

We had a snow day!
I think the snow day happened, the weekend after Halloween! Kurt took the girls out to play in it!

It was Ashlyn first time playing in the snow!

Ayla building a snowman!
She built for Ashlyn! She loves her little sister!

Having fun together!

My cute, girls!
Kurt pulled them around the yard in a sled! He is such a fun Dad!

We had Morganne and Kurt over for a playdate!
Krista took some cut pictures, I had to share!

Yes, we have the Thanksgiving decorations out!

The kids gathered pine needles and made a nest!

Morganne pretending to sleep in the nest!

Ashlyn started to go down the slide all on her own, for her first time! She even climbed the ladder!

I was so proud of her! I started giving her high 5!

She then expected it every time she went down! She is so cute!

Trying to be a big girl on the swing, all on her own!

Playdates are the best!

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Nancy Face said...

Cute pictures as always! Love the snow!

Merry Christmas!