Monday, November 18, 2013

Marion's birthday party!

At the end of October, we celebrated my sister, Marion's birthday at her house!

My Mom fixed another yummy roast dinner!

Ashlyn slept the whole time on her Daddy!


Melissa and Aaron!


I made some cupcakes because cupcakes are easy! Marion wanted some to be Jack Skellington and some I just put spiders on them!

Marion and Dad!

Ayla with her uncle, Robert!

Robert's wife, Carolyn!

Marion with one of her cupcakes!

Ayla and I made her this spider! We made 2 of them last year and Marion wanted one. Well, she got one a year later!

I also took Ayla to Dollar Tree and let her pick out some stuff for Marion. She basically got her Christmas stuff!

Melissa got her some bath stuff!
Robert and Carolyn got her a big bag of M&Ms!

One last picture of Marion and me!

We had a good time!

Happy birthday Marion!

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Nancy Face said...

The Jack Skellington cupcakes are oh, so cute!