Sunday, September 21, 2014

Our Easter and Mother's Day!


 I took the girls to see the Easter Bunny the week before Easter!
I can't believe the difference one year had made for Ashlyn! She grew so much! Look at last years picture.

We put the Easter baskets out the night before for the Easter Bunny to come! I decide to put puff balls in the baskets this year instead of grass. I just don't like finding grass all over my house. I also didn't want any of it to get lost and Ethan to get a hold of it somehow.

 This is what the kiddos woke up to!

 Ayla got up early! Ashlyn was still sleeping.

 Got to love the Robin's eggs!

 A puzzel and a bunny to paint! Ayla loves painting!

 I love that they got the movie "Babe!"

 This was Ethan's first Easter!

 Ashlyn woke up a little later. She was consumed by the chocolate!

 She did finally start to open what was in her basket!

 She looks so tired!

We had a dinner that night with my side of the family!

 Grandpa (my Dad) and Ethan!

 Cute Ash-A-Bee!
My kids were tuckered out from the morning! They were asleep during the first part of the dinner!



 My niece, Tara and her cute little girl, Kaitlyn!

Robert, Lane and Dad!
 We dyed eggs while we waited for the food to cook!

 Ayla was still a little tired!


 We kept it simple we had hot dogs and hamburgers!

Then we had a Easter egg hunt!

 Ashlyn of course was distracted by the chocolate!

 Ayla was banking!

 Cute little Raye!

 And Ian!



I loved that Ashlyn and Raye were having fun together!

Then the Saturday after Easter we celebrated Easter with Kurt's side of the family!

 Kurt and Ayla getting reading for the candy hunt!


Morganne was so funny, she wouldn't even look up for a picture because she was so busy looking for candy! LOL!

 Ashlyn finding a chocolate bar!

Mother's Day!

 Kurt got me some Mother's Day flowers!

 Ashlyn couldn't get enough of them! Love this girl!

That evening we went to my grandma, Marion's for dinner!

 Great Grandma (my Grandma) and Ethan!

My uncle Brent's girlfriend, Tracey and Ethan!

We had a wonderful Easter and Mother's day!