Monday, October 14, 2013

Holiday catch up #1

I have been away too long! I have my reasons and I will post about that in another post. My next few posts are going to be catch up posts. I am trying to keep them simple with lots of pictures and very few words. Here goes Holiday catch up #1

St. Patrick's Day!

Started the morning off with some green waffles, like I always do!

Ashlyn with hers!

Ayla with hers!

This is what Ayla wore to church!

And Ashlyn wore this!

I love the bottoms!

This is Ayla after church. I bought her the same dress as Ashlyn but she wore it as a shirt!

The two of them together!

So cute!

I also made some green cookies!

And we did the gold hunt like we have done the past few years!

It was fun to see them both have fun with the gold!


First off, I took the kids to see the Easter Bunny!
The funny thing is, Ashlyn didn't want to get off the Easter Bunny's lap. She cried when I took her off, LOL! So we waited for the people behind us to finish up and then I let her sit on her lap again. I thought it was funny because usually kids at her age cry because they are on the lap of a strange character, right?

The Easter bunny came!

Ashlyn opening some of her things!

Ayla helped Ashlyn out!

Ayla really liked what she got!

Her in her crown!

I didn't take a picture of the girls in their new Easter dresses but they were super cute this year! I did take pictures of them in them for Mother's Day. I will have to share that in a later post.

We had an Easter Egg hunt for just our girls in our backyard!

Ashlyn was getting the hang of it!

Ayla is a pro!

I loved seeing Ayla help Ashlyn!

At the bottom of the slide after the hunt!

After the hunt, Ayla and I went over to my sister, Marion's house for Easter dinner and for some more fun!

I brought eggs for the kids to dye!

We had a yummy roast dinner and then we had another Egg Hunt in Marion's front yard!




All the kids with their goodies after the hunt!

Ayla in her bunny glasses!

Darling picture of Ian!

Sad to say but this was the last picture I took with my uncle, Ernie before he passed.
I will always cherish this picture and all the pictures I have taken of him! I miss you and love you Ernie!

Aaron and Melissa joined us of course!

One of me and Marion!

Mother's Day!

We had family over for dinner at our place. I made enchiladas for my mother!

Morganne and Kurt were there!

Their mom, Krista with her brother, Kurt (my hubby)!

All the kiddos with uncle, Ernie!
He looks so tired. This was the day before he passed.

My cute, little, Ashabee!

Kody, Caroline and my brother, Robert behind them!

My Dad with Ashlyn!

I had to share both pictures!

One of me and my sister, Marion!

Lane and my Mom!
You can kind of see the picture I took of my girls in their Easter dresses on the shirt I made my Mom for Mother's day!

Uncle Ernie!!!
I love that he has his drink in his pocket! So him!!!

Last picture, Ashlyn and with her aunt, Marion!

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You do up your holidays in such cute and fun ways! :)