Wednesday, October 30, 2013

What happened in Sept. and the beginning of Oct. catch up post!

Just like the past few posts this one is a catch up post. This is for September and the beginning of October! I only have one more catch up post after this!


The Fair

We went to the fair at the beginning of September!

I couldn't believe this one man band! I have only seen this on "Mary Poppins!"

The Tornado ride! This is Lane's favorite ride!

Ayla peeking over the side!

Lane was so funny on this ride, he was so excited to ride it but when it started going, he freak out a little! The girl next to him was cracking up! He ended up riding this ride at least 5 times!

Ayla and Lane on the kiddy coaster!

Hands up!

Ayla loved all the fun houses there!

I love how you can see Ayla laughing at the other kids!

And of course we had to do the pony ride!

Ashlyn was in heaven with the animals!

It was her favorite part!

We had to see the Butter Cow!

Lane on the Monster Trucks!

Ayla's too!

I was so proud of Ayla! It was her first time going on the big yellow slide by herself!

It is one of her favorite things to do at the fair!

And one of the last rides for the night!
 We had a great time at the fair! We always do!

My brother, Robert's birthday

We celebrated Robert's birthday at my sister, Marion's house!

Robert, Steph, Marion and Ash-A-Bee!
We were so lucky to have our cousin, Stephanie up here with us! She was visiting from Las Cruses!

Mom and Lane!
My Mom made another yummy roast dinner!

Ayla with my Dad!

They were watching TV together!

Ashlyn had a cupcake!

I love the messy face pictures!

Kiss from Aunt, Marion!

Ayla in a daze looking at her cupcake!

She was in heaven!

Melissa and Aaron were there! They are part of our family!

One of me an my Dad!

And I had to get one with my cousin, Steph!

The beginning of October!

Our Wendover Trip

We were supposed to go to Disneyland at the beginning of October but I have been not feeling well. I still wanted to take a little trip just to get away! My Mom wanted to go to Las Vegas but I didn't want to go that far unless I was going to Disneyland! So we decided to just take a short trip to Wendover! We stayed in the Rainbow Casino Hotel because it had an indoor pool for the kids. After all, I just wanted to take my kids somewhere to show them a good time!

Ashlyn in our hotel room!

Ayla with the spider Aunt, Marion bought for her on the trip! I loved that Ayla named her spider, "Itsy Bitsy!"

Our room!

Marion with the girls!
We were getting ready to take the kids to the park!

And we found the coolest park out there! It had some old school stuff to play on! Things that I used to play on like the slide in the picture above!

I was proud of Ashlyn! She was able to go down the slide all by herself!

She was so happy on the swing!

Ayla on the bench swing!

Like I said, they had some of the coolest things to play on! This thing went around in circles!

The old school bouncers!

They even had the tires in the ground!
They also had a tire swing!

I loved how spread out everything was and you could see everywhere your kids were playing!

I thought this was one of the coolest things they had there! I have never seen this kind of swing before! It went around in circles! We were cracking up at Marion spinning them around!

And of course we took the girls swimming the two days we were there!

I couldn't believe that Ashlyn fit in Ayla's old swim suite! She grew out of the one we bought her at the beginning of the summer!

We only went to Wendover for two nights but it was a fun little get away! It was an all girl trip, Me, my Mom, my sister, Marion and my two girls, Ayla and Ashlyn!

I am so thankful that Marion helped me so much with the girls! She is so good to me! She pretty much took care of them for me! She even took Ayla to the pool early one day because Ashlyn was taking her nap! Thanks Marion! You are the best sister a sister can have!

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Yay! You're almost caught up!

The fair looks like so much fun! You have great pictures! The pony ride was always my favorite as a little girl!