Monday, October 28, 2013

Summer catch up post!

This post is about what we did this summer! It will be lots of pictures and little to read. I am just trying to get us up to date on the blog.

Color Me Rad

I ran my first 5k on June 22nd! It was a blast!

These are the lovely ladies I got to run with!
Harmony, Taffy, Carlie, Marci, Melissa and me!

It is named "Color Me Rad" for a reason!

The Zoo
We went to the zoo only 3 times this summer. Usually we go a lot more but I was not feeling well.

Ayla with the Lego Penguins!

Happy Ashlyn!

Cute girl!

Anabelle and Ashlyn!

Ashy and Me with the giraffes!

Me, Ashlyn, Ayla and Evy!

This is Sadie with her two girls, Anabelle and Evy! They were the first people we went with to the zoo this year! Ayla is in the picture as well!

One of Ash-A-Bee!

Us with the Lego Polar Bear! Ashy isn't very happy, LOL!

The second time we went with my friend, Harmony and her two boys! Harmony is in the first picture of this post. The Color Me Rad picture!

Ryder, Ayla and Paxton!

Ayla monkeying around!

This monkey cracked me up!

I love that Ashy is pointing at him!

Large Lego time!

Ashlyn too!

We went to a carnival in Provo the day before the 4th to watch my Uncle, Brent juggle.

My Uncle, Brent is the one on the bottom row with the beard! My Mom and Lane are in this picture, along with my Aunt Kathy, my Mom's cousin, Debbie and her girls and my Mom's other cousin Cheryl. The man at the top is Mark. He is my Uncle Brent's juggling partner!

One of me trying to keep Ashlyn happy!

We went on a few of the rides there as well!

Evy's Party
We went to Evy's birthday party during the summer as well. She is the girl we went to the zoo for the first time this year with!

I made her a "Wizard of Oz" cake! She was dressed as Dorothy!

Her Grandma was dressed as the Wicked Witch! She also owned the dog that looked like Toto!

Her Mom was Glenda and her Dad was the Scarecrow!

Ayla in her swim suit with Evy!
You will see why Ayla is in her swim suite in just a minute.

Ashlyn and my sister, Marion!

This is why Ayla was wearing her swim suite! It was a water slide!
Evy's dad, Jared rents bouncy houses for a living. Jared and Kurt have been friends since Jr. High.


I love this one!

Other Things

We got the kids a power wheel Jeep! Ayla has gotten really good at driving it!

The girls in their swim suites getting ready to run through the sprinklers!

This was Ashlyn's first time in the sprinklers!

Trying to run from them!

They had fun!

Antelope Island

We went to Antelope Island for the first time. I have never been there and I can't believe I haven't!

It was beautiful there!

Ayla and I went on a really short hike up a hill!

Marion and Ayla!

Ayla and me!

Grandma and Ayla!

We went to the ranch there on the island.

Ashlyn and Marion!

Round them up, Cowgirl!

Such a cute little girl!

And another cute picture of Ashy!

I loved seeing the bison on the island!


We went to Lagoon twice this year because of bounce back! First time, Ayla and I went with my family!

Lane looks pretty happy in this picture! Ayla is next to him but you can't see her! My brother, Robert and Ian are in front of them!

Ian and Ayla on the cars!

On the planes!

In a bee!

On the helicopters!

Ian on Bulgy the Whale!

They had Tea Cups this year! It made me want to go to Disneyland but then everything makes me want to go to Disneyland!


My Mom's friend Val came. That is her on the Scrambler with Lane!

The second time we went, we went with Kurt and Ashlyn! My Mom and sister, Marion came too!

Ashlyn's first time on the boats!

And first time on the cars!

I love my girls!
I love how you can see Ayla talking to Ashlyn!

My Birthday

I had my birthday! I turned 34! On my birthday, I got to go on a date with just my husband, which was so awesome!

Later that week we celebrated with my family at my sister, Marion's house! My Mom cooked me a yummy roast dinner, by request!

Marion, Ayla and Dad!

They got me a cake!

Ayla loves their dogs!

Ashlyn with Aunt, Marion!

My handsome hubby, Kurt!

And of course Aaron and Melissa were there!

There you have it! That sums up our summer!

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Happy summertime birthday!

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