Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Holiday catch up #2!

Memorial Day!

This first part of this post really took place a week or two before Memorial day but I wanted to share it on my blog. I also felt it went with Memorial day anyway.

We had a life celebrating for my awesome aunt, Shirley. She passed away on the 13th of March this year.

I loved that my cousin had her ashes in her coke PJ's!

My Mom, my uncle Brent and me.

Me and my sister, Marion with our grandma, Marion.
That is who my sister was named after!

My Dad with my aunt, Pam.

My Mom with her sister, Kathy and the picture of their sister, Shirley.

Ayla had a blast hanging out with her second cousin, Amber!

Now onto what we did do for Memorial day and during that week as well!

My sister, Marion, my Mom and I went up and cleaned up uncle, Ernie's grave.

Ayla and Marion wrote his name with rocks, since he didn't have his headstone yet.

Ashlyn loved throwing the rocks!

These were the mums with left on his grave.

This wasn't during Memorial day week but I wanted to show that he got his headstone! And it has a motorcycle on it! He loves motorcycles!

We also bought him a little Harley to put on his grave! We also put a handsome picture of him on his grave!

Back to Memorial day.

Of course me and the girls went and saw my mother-in-law, Carol Anne! We also lost her on the 1st of March this year. This year has been a hard one.

All of us that were there! Brooke, Suz, Ashlyn, me and Ayla!
Her grave looked so beautiful and yellow! Yellow, is Carol Anne's favorite color!

The next couple of pictures were not taken during Memorial day week either. I wanted to put them on here anyway. You see, I forgot to get the lovely yellow display off of Mom's grave in time and the cemetery threw it away. So Suz and I bought new things to go on her grave and that is what the two pictures below are about.

We put this on their for our Mom's birthday!
We had a hard time finding yellow this time but it still was beautiful!

Ayla with the bird she picked out for her grandma! Carol Anne loves birds as well and Ayla knows this!

Now back to Memorial day.

We saw my Dad's sister, Marlene.

And my Dad's parents.

And my Dad's other brother, Charlie.

We also went to see my grandpa, Paul and my aunt, Debbie we lost last year. In the middle of them is Paul's son Michael.

Of course we made a trip up to Brigham City to see my Mom's parent's grave and eat at the diner her parents used to go to back in the day.


Marion and Ayla!

My Mom and me!

Ashy giving kisses!

After we ate at the diner we went to see their graves. We put mums on all the graves.

My Mom's parents grave.

My Mom's Uncle's grave.

My Great, Grandparent's grave.

My Great, Great, Grandparent's grave.

I love this picture of Ayla that I took!

Both of my girls!

Finally done with Memorial day stuff. It was nice to do everything but it was emotionally draining.

Father's Day! 

Ayla with her gift for her Daddy!

We had my family over for dinner!

I got out the kiddy pool! It was kind of cold but Lane was a dye hard!

Go Lane!

Ayla wanted to do it too!

Go Ayla!
I am so proud of her! She is starting to want to learn to swim under water!

Marion with the girls!

My Mom and Robert!

My Dad! He looks pretty tired in this picture, LOL!

4th of July!

 This first part wasn't on the fourth but it is linked to the fourth. 

Kurt and I took Ayla to Taylorsville Dayz because they no longer have a carnival at Magna park on the fourth. Taylorsville Dayz is usually the week before the fourth.

Ashlyn on her Daddy's shoulders!

The sack slides are Ayla's favorite!

Here we are at the top!

She rode the little roller coaster they had!

They had to stop the ride the first time around. Can you see why? LOL! Poor little thing!

Happy girl!

Another picture of Ashlyn on her Daddy's shoulders!

Ayla on a train!

On a dragon!

Ayla rode the motorcycles in honor of uncle, Ernie!

Now on the actual 4th of July!

Ashlyn wore the outfit that Ayla wore at this age!

Both of my girls!
I got Ayla 4th of July "Hello Kitty" shirt!

We went to the parade in Magna!


Melissa joined us!


Ashlyn and Marion!

Ayla looked so cute in Marion's sunglasses!

Loved seeing our old high school teacher Mr. Moore and his wife Stacey in the parade!
He is a great teacher!

Had to get a picture of my cousin, Jasmine! So proud of her making Dance Company!

After the parade, I didn't take my camera anywhere so I have no more pictures but we did do a lot more. We went swimming, had KFC with my Dad for dinner and then went to Magna Park for fireworks!

There you have it, I think I am all caught up on our holidays!

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Nancy Face said...

Those are some lovely memorials!

Our local cemetery has very strict rules about how graves can be decorated, so I have to keep things quite simple on my Dad's grave.