Saturday, March 15, 2014

The Birthday Parties!

Ayla told me she wanted to play pin the head on the sea turtle at her birthday party, so that is where the theme came from. She also wanted a pinata' at the party.

I did 2 parties like I always do. One for Ayla with her friends and one with the family for Ayla, Ashlyn and Kurt since all their birthdays fall within a week of each other. The funny thing is, Ethan now has joined that week as well, so all of my family's birthdays are in the same week but I am in August all by myself.
Ayla Feb. 25th, Kurt Feb. 26th, Ashlyn March 2nd and Ethan March 4th

Eventually, I will do separate parties for all my kids with just their friends but I will always do the family party together. It is just that Ashlyn and Ethan don't care right now because they are so young. People call me crazy for doing this but I live for it! I love to plan parties!

Here are the invitations I made to each party.
We actually had the parties on the 22nd instead of the 15th because Ashlyn got sick the Thursday before the parties. At least I thought she was sick. Her tummy was hurting that morning but felt better after she threw up once.

We had them at the church in the gym.
This was the set up!

I did the puff balls for the centerpieces again! I love these as centerpieces because they are so easy to make and cheap!
I made the birthday banners!
This is what the goodies table looked like!

I made the pinata'!

And here were the other 2 games we played. See the pin the head on the sea turtle? We also played knock the fishes over! Also if you look in the background of this picture, you can see an octopus and sea turtle that Ayla made for decoration for her parties!

I made chocolate cupcakes!

Here are all their cakes, I made!

I also made vanilla cupcakes!

I also made sugar cookies!
My sister, Marion frosted them and made them look like waves with the fish sprinkles!

I also made T-shirts for both of my girls!

Ayla with her cousins, Kurt and Morganne!

One of Ashlyn!

The first party!
Ayla's friend party!

Amy and Millie!

Evy and Ayla!
These 2 girls love each other!

Here are all the kids that were there at Ayla's party!
We had a great turn out!

When we went to play the games the kids were so excited they crowded me! It took me a minute to get them to back up behind the red line!

Ayla went first with pin the head on the sea turtle!
Ayla went first with each game because she was the birthday girl!


My sister, Marion took most of these pictures. In this one she had the kids yell "Yeah!!"







Then we played knock the fishes over!






Then the highlight, the pinata'!!!



I love Morganne's face! You can see how hard she was trying to hit it!


At first we blind folded Millie...

but then we took it off for her!



Cute little, Addison wanted to try!


Marion with Addison and Ashlyn!



All of the kid's couldn't break it at all and I was worried it wouldn't hold up! Then Kurt's friend Jared who was there got the brilliant idea to have Kurt (the birthday boy) have a go at it! 

This was when the kids went nuts!

I love this picture because you can see the candy busting out of the pinata'!



I loved this site!

So fun!
The pinata' was so much fun! I really want to do one for each of my kid's birthday parties!

Spencer made me laugh when he came up to me like this!

Then we did presents!

These shoes she got from her friend, Evee went perfect with a present we got Ayla! Remember them towards the end of this post.

I love this picture of Ayla and Evy talking!

Amy, DeeDee and Spencer!


Amy and me!

Me and DeeDee!

I loved that DeeDee got Ashlyn a present too!

Kurt with Jared and Sadie!
This is the Jared who had the brilliant idea for Kurt to bash the pinata'!

The first party turned out to be so fun!

This picture was taken in between the 2 parties! I love it!

The 2nd party!
The family party!

Kurt's sister Suz, bought 2 of these balls for the kids to play with in the gym!

Brent, my Mom behind him, his girlfriend, Tracy next to him, my sister, Marion holding Abbey, Ashlyn my Grandma Marion (that is who my sister is named after) and my Dad!

I love little Abbey!
She has the biggest, cutest eyes! She is my friends Amy and John's little girl!

We all ate dinner which was hot dogs!

Then we sang "Happy Birthday!"

Ayla blowing out her candles!

High five!

Then it was Ashy's turn!

I was amazed she blew out her candles in one shot!

Then it was Kurt's turn!

His cake was on fire!! I could feel the heat from it! Ayla helped him blow out his candles!

You can see Amy and John in this picture!


Then we opened presents!

Ashlyn got to open presents this time!

Ayla got this Frozen  figurines set from her Aunt, Krista and her cousins Kurt and Morganne!
Ayla so loves Frozen right now. It is her favorite thing!

We got Ayla an Elsa dress from Frozen! Ya, remember the shoes from earlier in this post they go great with this dress and Ayla loves it!

We got her an Elsa doll too!

Ashlyn having fun!

This was the combind present for the girls from us!

It was a new Disney Princess tent and tunnel!
Their old one is getting so worn out!

Ashlyn opening a baby doll we got her!

We also got her this car seat!

She got this baby doll from Amy and John!

She then couldn't decided which baby to play with!
She actually got a few other babies that night! She can never have too many baby dolls! She loves them all! Baby dolls are her favorite thing!

Melissa holding cute little Abbey!

And here are a couple of pictures of Ayla in her dress with the shoes!

They go perfect together! Ayla feels so pretty in them!

Both parties were so much fun!

They were a lot of work but so worth it!
And this was the last time I am doing it all in one day. The only reason I did it this way was because I was pregnant with Ethan and wanted to get them both done before he came just in case any of us got sick (and we did) we could get over it before he came. I am proud to say we were all pretty much over it by the time he came!