Monday, March 3, 2014

My Baby Shower!

So my awesome sister, Marion threw me a baby shower! This time it was a lot better than my first! My first one was a madhouse!

We only had family and family friends come. I wished I could have invited other friends but then it would have turned out like my first shower.

Carolyn, Shaylyn, me and Tonya!
We have been friend's with Tonya for about 23 years! Shaylyn is her daughter. I used to watch Shaylyn a lot when she was a baby and toddler! I love how she has grown into such a wonderful, beautiful, young women! Tonya you did a great job!

This is my great niece, Kaitlyn! Isn't she so cute?

We all had a lite lunch and then I opened presents! 

I so loved this onesie! 
I actually got 2 of them! I love my reaction and my cousin, Amanda's reaction in this picture!

Amy and Melissa!
Once again, I have been friends's with these two awesome ladies for years!

My sister and I made puff balls for decorations!
You can also see my 2 cousin's Barbra and April!

I love getting homemade blankets!

I like this picture because it shows people's reactions to me opening my gifts!
You can kind of see how many people were there. I still had a really good turn out, which made me feel so loved!

And her is some more!

In this picture you can see my pile of awesomeness! I got a lot of cloths that I needed. Also if you look behind me, you can see the new pack and play that my Mom and sister, Marion got me. I needed a new one. My old one has gotten worn out with my first 2 kids!

And my awesome friend, Tonya (the one in the first picture) got both of my girls a present as well! I thought that was so sweet! Thanks Tonya!

The shower was perfect!

I am so thankful to my sister for throwing my a shower that I could enjoy!

I am thankful for those who came and supported me! I love you all so much!

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Nancy Face said...

I'm so happy for you! You have a wonderful sister and great friends!