Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Our Valentine's Day!

We had a wonderful Valentine's day!
Me and the kids stayed in our Pj's all day because Ayla was out of school!

Ayla wrote a song and sang it to her Dad when he got home from work! It was so cute!

She also made him a card with a lift up!

It say's "I love you Dad" all over it!

Ashy in her Pj's!

Kurt brought me home some flowers!

Then I put all of our Valentine's out!
It looks a little crazy! I like to get the kids a few toys and all of our favorite goodies!

Kurt and I were so surprised that Ashlyn was opening her presents and couldn't get enough! She barely opened her gifts at Christmas!

It was so cute, she would open a present and then say,"Ohhh!" and it didn't matter what it was!
We ended up letting her open our gifts as well because we were having so much fun watching her!

The girls were excited about there chocolate smelling bears!

And their heart pillows!

Ayla was so excited to get Tootsie Rolls!

And I had to have my Dove chocolates and my peanut butter hearts!

Kurt got his soft chocolate chip cookies and his KitKats!

Ashlyn got her raisins!

We had a great Valentine's!

How was yours?

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Nancy Face said...

I like all the presents piled up around the roses! So fun!