Monday, July 8, 2013

Ashlyn turned 1 and Ayla turned 5!

My girls both had birthdays a few months back!

Here is Ashlyn at 11 months, trying to play the saxophone!

Here she is again at 11 months!

She started getting into everything!

She loves baby dolls! She walks around with dolls all the time. She will pat it's back and give them kisses! It is the cutest thing!

Ashlyn is very lovable she loves to give you hugs and especially kisses! I love it! We all love it!

Here she is on her first birthday, in March!
This was taken in the car while on our trip to Las Cruses.

When she turned 1 she weighed 21 lbs and 6 oz. She was 31.3 inches long!
She has grown more since then but I have not weighed her or measured her yet.

She eats regular food now, which is great because we can feed her whatever we are eating and she can feed herself!

She says words like, Momma, Dada, Ayla, ouch, ouhee, bye bye and "What's that?"

She grunts and shakes her head yes! She even shakes her head no when she doesn't want something or doesn't like something.

She can way bye, bye!

She is starting to point! She will point and say, "Deah!"

She really understands a lot. We can ask her to get something and she will get it!

She will go to her highchair, reach up at it and cry when she is hungry.

She has attitude and has started throwing fits! :(

She loves to cuddle!

She is such a sweet addition to our family! We love her!

Now onto Ayla...

Ayla turned 5 in February!
I took the picture above while she was still asleep. I love it! She is so beautiful!

She has really learned her alphabet and loves to write letters.

She has gotten good at numbers too! She will surprise me sometimes when she counts things. She sometimes does math with it. She will say, "Now I only have 2" or " If I have one more it would be 3."

She also knows her colors, shapes and how to write her name. I think she is ready for kindergarten  which she starts this fall. I am the one not ready for it! LOL!!

She still loves painting and all kinds of art!

She has gotten really good at the cutting things out and gluing them!

This castle is my favorite thing she has cut out so far! She did it for me! I love it!

She is becoming my girly girl! She loves to put accessories on!

And does her hair a lot!

She loves to dress up! I think the Rapunzel costume is her favorite because of the long hair!

Ayla has also become more independent! She will get herself food. She even knows how to make a PBJ! She cleans her room sometimes without being asked. She brushes her teeth and gets ready for bed on her own. She also likes to dress herself.  I am so proud of her!

Ayla is also a great addition to our family! We love her a lot as well!

We are so blessed with our 2 girls!