Monday, November 15, 2010

Our family pictures!

On Saturday our good friend, Cory Millagan from our ward took our family photos. He did a fantastic job!


I don't know why Ayla kept sticking her tough out! I think it is what makes this picture so adorable though! Love it!

And this one!

I love this picture!
Sad thing is, she was sad because she just fell down. My poor little sweetheart! :(

I love Ayla's face in this one!

I couldn't pick just one picture! I had a hard time so I made this collage. I did this last time we did family photos.

Thank you so much Cory Milligan for sharing your talent! Thanks for doing such a great job at our family photos!

I am so grateful to get one more thing done for Christmas! I am almost done! I should be done before Thanksgiving! Wish me luck!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

How much can you cram into Halloween?

Have I ever mentioned how much I love Halloween?! I think this year was the most festive Halloween, I have ever had! I am going to try and keep this a simple post because it is long and has lots of pictures.

It all started on Tuesday. I took Ayla to a Primary activity at the family ward Kurt and I were in when we first got married. My in-laws live in that ward still. It is the ward Kurt grew up in.

Here is Krista (the witch), with Little Kurt (Mario), Morganne (Yoshie) and Ayla (Ming, Ming from the wonder pets).

We had a great time at the activity! Ayla loves to be around her cousins.

Every year I have been dressing Ayla in Halloween outfits. I show them on my blog. I will show you two of them right now and then the third one later in this post.

Here is the first one.
Ayla as Frankenstein.

Two headed, Ayla!
These were taken the day of the Primary activity.

Outfit number 2! A cute pumpkin in a pumpkin shirt!
This was taken Thursday.

On Friday, Ayla and I did our pumpkins.

Ayla with hers!

I first just let her go at it, without thinking! LOL!

Ya, I wised up after she wrote on the table and got marker on her shirt!

I tried to carve our pumpkin to look like "Splat the Cat's" pumpkin. Ayla and I have been reading this book almost every night.

Carving the pumpkin!

How they turned out! I was so impressed with Ayla's! It looked like spider webs all over it!

One of us with our pumpkins!

Ayla hugged her pumpkin and said, "I love it!!"

With the lights off! Oooh!!!

That night we went to the ward Halloween party!

Ayla in her Ming, Ming costume!
She only wore it for 5 minutes and then she decided to take it off!

Her eating a Whopper!
This picture was taken from our good friend, Cory, who is in our ward. Isn't it a great picture? I have asked him to take our family pictures.

My nephew, Lane and my mom came to the party! Lane was a Ghostbuster again. I made his costume last year. This picture was also taken by Cory!

Lane loves this costume! He really gets into it!

I love it!!

My friend, Steph and her family.
Steph is pregnant and is expecting another boy. I love her shirt!

They had games to play there.
Ayla doing the toss game. Good job sweetheart!

Ayla doing the fishing game!
Tyler had to help her hold the fishing pole. Thanks Tyler!

Morganne's turn!
Yes, Krista and her kids joined us too! This picture was also taken by Cory.

Cute little Mario (Kurt)!
This picture was also taken by Cory.

One of me and Krista.
Yes, I was Maleficent again for the 4th year in a row. Next year, I will finally be something else. I just wanted to get my moneys worth!

Lane taken out the witch with his Ghostbusting skills!

And the Butler!

This is our friend, Cory's (the guy that took the pictures) little boy. I loved his costume! He was a bear man! He came up with the idea all on his own.

We all went Trick or Treating around the room.

My friend, Amy and I.

Her with her little witch, Emily. Emily and Ayla love each other! They are a day a part in age.

We all enjoyed the Ward Halloween party! It was fabulous!

On Saturday, we headed over to Kurt's parents at 1:00 p.m. for a grand-kid's Halloween party!

This is what the room looked like! Love it!

Our niece, Brook was Mickey Mouse! Had to get a picture with the 2 Disney Characters! I love Disney! She looked awesome!

Ayla finally got to play the "pin the nose on the witch" game I made. Yes, we used it for this party too!

Little Kurt's turn!

Yeah, he did it!!

We did the fishing game there too.

Morganne's turn!

The party at Kurt's parents was a fun little Halloween party!

At 3:00 p.m. we headed over to my sister, Marion's house to celebrate her birthday. We were supposed to have celebrated it a week before but she was out of town.

Of course I made a cake! She loves "Nighmare Before Christmas"

Here is Ayla in her third Halloween outfit sitting on her Daddy. She has black pants on but you can't see them.

My Dad and Uncle, Ernie in the background!

One of me without my costume and my sister, Marion!

We got her this cute "Boo" sign!

Her and Lane with her cake!

She turned 33!

She blew all of them out but one!

We all decided it looked like the cake had been shot with bullets!

Marion, shooting her cake!

Marion with her boyfriend, Monty!

It was a fun get together for my sister!

AT 5:00 p.m. we went to a Trunk or Treat at the last ward we were in!

Me and my friend, Emily!

I couldn't believe that this was Derick and Shara! You seriously could not tell! Even my friend, Emily couldn't recognize them and she is still in the ward with them! It was because Derick had no glasses and was clean shavin and Shara was completely covered by her costume. Brilliant!!!

One with me and one of my old Young Women, Erin. I so miss these girls!

Here is Brigham!
He is Erin's brother. I promised he would make the blog! So here you go Brigham!! Here is your blog moment!

Ida and me!
She is another one of my old Young Women!

The Trunk or Treat was so fun! It was nice to see everyone again! I miss them!

At 6:00 p.m. we went to a wedding reception!

Here is Ayla with the cake.
I didn't make this cake this time!

The happy couple!
Gary (the Groom) is my mom's friend, Glenna's son.

Glenna once lived behind my good friend, Amy S. Her parents were there. It was nice to see them. This is Sue her mother. I had forgotten they lived by each other at one time.

Of course Ayla and Lane had a good time playing!

There was another Maleficent there. I had to get a picture with her!

Both of Amy S.'s parents, Sue and Don!

We had a great time at the wedding!

At 8:30 p.m. we finished the night off with some Trick or Treating!

My good friend, Melissa joined us for this event! Don't you love her "Alice in Wonderland" costume?

Here we are Trick or Treating!

Ayla made off like a bandit! Or should I say, we made off like a bandit! I am not going to let her eat all of this! This was all of the candy she got from all the different festivities!

As I post this and read this it sounds like it was a night of chaos but it really wasn't we all had such a great Halloween!

This was the most festive Halloween I have ever had! And I loved every minute of it!