Friday, January 30, 2009

Flash Back Friday! #3

My 3rd Flash Back Friday is going to be my crazy baby shower I had a year ago on January 26th. This past Monday marked the anniversary of that day. When I say crazy, I mean crazy. I had invited too many people. I didn't think every one would show up but I was wrong. I could probably name who was not there.

This is what it looked like-crowded.

There were not enough seats and it was standing room only. It was nuts.

I was totally embarrassed. I felt so bad because I could not visit with anyone really and my poor sister was embarrassed because her house was not accommodating to that many people. If we would have know how many would have shown up, we would have had it at a church. I guess that is why you R.S.V.P, right? Well I didn't even put that on the invitation so that was my fault totally. And I should have had two or three different showers but NO, I wanted to get it done in one. But now I wish I would have done it differently.

People were leaving because there was no room, which made me feel even worse because I didn't want anyone to feel that way but I totally understood. When people would tell me later they were sorry they didn't make it, I always told them I was glad they didn't because that meant one less person I had to feel bad for.

Notice that there were people down the hall. People were everywhere.

This is a picture of when half of the people were showing up. In my lap, I am holding cute little Mary. She is my friend, Ann's little girl. So cute! Ann was such a help that day. She was helping my sister get things out of the way so that they could make room for people.

This was what the seating arrangement looked like. Pathetic!

It took me forever to open all the gifts. I felt bad because I didn't even read cards or we would have been there all day.

If you click on the picture, you can see my friend Amy Reed looking at me because I was opening her gift. and if you notice, it is the sweater that Ayla is wearing in our family photos that are on my side bar.

People tell me they had a good time though. This is a picture of my cousin Harriett and our family friend Krissy. Krissy is now dating my cousin Levi. Who knows? She might become part of the family.

All I can say is that I am thankful people stuck around because I probably would have been one of those who had left to give someone my seat.

Here is a picture of me crying because this was the present I had been looking forward to. My Grandma had made Ayla her blessing gown. I was crying for two reasons. One, it was beautiful and, two, she was on of the ones who had left because there was no room so I didn't even open it in front of her. :(

Isn't her blessing gown just beautiful?

This picture is for you, Monica, because you had made a comment about me doing an ATG Flash Back week. Well, here is a real ATG Flash Back from my shower a year ago.
L to R Lisa, Medi, Leli and Fetnetia. All these wonderful women worked with me at the Airport, when I worked there.

Medi and me.

Here is a picture of my sister wondering how all those people fit in her home. Yikes!

After the party and when things calmed down, our friend Tonya and a few others stuck around to actually visit. We all couldn't believe how many people showed up. I could not help but laugh because I couldn't even comprehend how many people were there.
I felt bad about it for months and I guess I still feel bad about it. It was not the shower I had imagined. It was too overwhelming. I didn't even get to see everyone that was there. It was so impersonal. If I could do it again, I would either have it at a church so that I could see everyone or have different showers. I recommend people do the R.S.V.P. thing and not try and get everything done in one shot. I know it would have been wearing having a few showers but I wish I would have. I didn't because I had already had one shower with my old ward and that one was big too. I didn't want to have 3 more showers but I should have. I would have enjoyed it better. I guess you live and learn. Well I have we are not having Ayla's 1st Birthday party in our small apartment. We are having it at the church.


Leah said...

I had my baby shower at the church. It was wild! (Lots and Lots of people. I can't imagine all of them in my house.)
I was blessed with so many you I thought there is no way I could open all of these. My sister brought a timer, and she had me start opening gifts AS FAST as i could. She set the timer for like 3 min. Then when the timer went off who ever gift I was opening got a prize. We kept doing this until every gift had been opened. It was fun. I blew threw the gifts in like 40 mins. I felt bad for Tierra, she was trying it write them all down as fast as she could. =) No one seemed to care that I was rushing too, I guess everyone just wanted to see everything I got. ???
Don't beat your self time we will know what to do and what not to do. =) I love RSVP, I live by it. hee,hee
In the past I have always bought my friends newborn outfits for their showers....Now I know better. =) I will stock them up with Diapers and stuff they REALLY need. =)
Cute post. I always wanted to see those pictures. Thanks for posting them.

Love ya,

Chad and Clair said...

This is pretty funny Heather. I proabably would have been the one to do something like this too, so don't feel bad. It just means your really loved!

QuintonandChristy said...

I didn't know you felt so bad! I thought it was fine (but I did get there early and actually had a seat!) But really, it was fun!

Rebecca said...

I'm behind on your blog, but I always enjoy it when I read it! I gave you the Kreativ Blogger Award on my blog. Have fun!

Tierra Lynne said...

Heather, this is so wonderful to learn about. I clicked on each picture to see it better. I know you feel bad about the space and people having to leave but it just goes to show what a wonderful lady you are and how many women wanted to come and be apart of your day.

I can only hope, I'll be half as lucky. Your poor sister! I can only imagine. My panic level would have been insane that day.

Oh, and you were such a cute preggo lady!!!
And your grandmothers blessing dress she made, was beautiful. I tried to think of just the right word because I know I say beautiful alot but that is just what it truly is. And let me tell ya I have seen some grand blessing gowns made by friends wedding dresses but theres just something so deep and special about that beautiful dress and the pink touches.

It truly shows on your face how speical this is. GREAT post! Favorite flash back yet!!

Ann Marie said...

Wow! You got an award already! Cool! Make sure you go and get it!

I also remember this day, and how bad I felt for you. I have NEVER seen that many people in a house before.. Even in the partying days.. Ha-Ha!

I loved seeing Mary there.. how little she was....
I love your blessing dress! Not just because of the beauty.. but that it's an heirloom! YAY!

Debi (Dubs2007) said...

I could see how you would feel bad - I probably would too, but I would also try to remember - If I am at a baby shower and there are a ton of people it makes it easier to leave when I want to, without feeling like I am abandoning the host, so maybe some of them were glad they could leave without hurting anyones feelings. It is great to see how much support you have though! that really says something about you!

{Mo} said...

Just think how loved you are! I do agree 2-3 showers are better than one big one!

Tierra Lynne said...

Hey Heather...Would you PLEASE think about getting the "follow Me" thing to your blog? It would be so easy to know when you've posted and i can try and beat Leah on commenting-:P haha!!!

Elizabeth said...

I like your flashback Fridays. It's fun to see old pictures and hear the stories behind them. Glad I wasn't invited. LOL