Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Lion House!

On Saturday, Ayla and I went to the Lion House for lunch with some of my old co-workers. Yes, I said the Lion House, the place that I love for their rolls. This is where Kurt and I had our wedding luncheon. 

The street view of the Lion House. 
Isn't it such a cute place?

I had just gotten done having breakfast with my Dad, right before we met everyone there. So all I got was a yummy piece of Apple pie and of course one of their yummy rolls.

And now I will show the company that I had the privilege to be with.

This is Collette and her sister.

Jennifer and me.

Jennifer's daughter, Megan and Ayla
Ayla had Megan's scarf on. Too cute!

Megan, Me, Hillary and Jennifer. Hillary is Jennifer's other daughter.
If you look in the background, you can kind of see how cute of a place it is to eat at. It is very comfy like a home which it should be. It used to be the prophet Brigham Young's home.

This is Susie and me.

And this is Amy with Ayla.
Too bad Ayla didn't have her eyes open.

Ayla, by one of the windows.
I took Ayla in the other room to take a few pictures. I thought the room was so cute and cosy.

She looks so adorable. It is like she is my little model.
She makes the fire place look huge but it is one of the smallest fire places I have ever seen. 
I love the mantel on it. Beautiful!

Ayla was so worn out from Saturday's morning events that, when I brought her home, she was out. I laid her on the couch and she wouldn't move. Kurt and I had a good laugh. She makes us so happy. It is the little things that make us happy in life.

Below are some pictures that my friend Julie took while we were there. She was another one of us that had joined us for lunch but doesn't want to be on anyone's blog. So there are no pictures of her.

A view of the table form her view.

Ayla staring off into the distance.

Just thinking about things.

Julie gets some of the cutest pictures of Ayla. She is the one who took the pictures at the shower too.

We had a wonderful time spending time with my friends!


Tierra Lynne said...

Oh! Can we go there when I come out? PLEASE????

I love hearing how you go out to breaksfast with your dad. Thats so sweet and very important!

QuintonandChristy said...

Oh I am so jealous! The one time I go out of town... I will be there next time for sure. Amy sure looks different with dark hair!

Ann Marie said...

Yummy! I love the Lion house!
Collette looks the same, but Amy looks different! Julie is a stinker! I think I may have some old ATG pictures of her that I should post just to be defiant!!
J/K. Glad you had fun together!

{Mo} said...

What is it? ATG flashback week? How fun that you keep in touch with so many people. You, Ann and Leah are pretty much it for me and I really didn't know you and Leah there that well(Amy and I send christmas cards and such). Who all is still at ATG? I was wondering if you have or could get Leli's adress for me? Just email it to me? I want to send her a little gift for the baby...I'm assuming it's a girl, since I saw pink stuff? Thanks, MOnica
PS~ I've never been to the Lion House, but it's for sure on my list.

Leah said...

Oh, I miss Collette! She was so funny. =)

I don't remember any of your other "company". oops. Maybe it's just been to long???

Love the pictures of Ayla next to the fire place. She looks so tall.

Glad you all had a good time. Your pie looks yummy.

Debi (Dubs2007) said...

I have neve been to the "Lion house" when ever I am in Utah it appears to be closed, so I will need to make a bigger effort now! it looks like a really nice place to go. and I agree, and love the simple things that make us happy - it makes me thankful to be a parent!