Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Texas Roadhouse.

My parents gave all us kids gift certificates to "Texas Roadhouse" for Christmas so we all went out to dinner on Friday.

We did it the weekend before my Dad's birthday so that we could celebrate. We did this last year too. I think it is becoming a tradition in my family.

I love "Texas Roadhouse." I love their rolls and cinnamon butter. Yummy! 
They are not the "Lion House" rolls though. Those are still my favorite. I am a sucker for fresh warm rolls. 

The whole gang waiting to order.

Let's go around the table:

Starting with Ayla and Marion.

Marion's boyfriend, Monty.

Dad and Uncle Ernie.

Lane brain.

Mom and my bro Robert.

Robert's wife Carolyn and her daughter Angie. 
It was nice to have Angie join us for dinner.

Last but not least, me and Kurt.

We had a great time and most of us ordered steaks. Yummy! 
All this talk about food is making me hungry.

This was my plate. 
I wished I had it right now! I am starving. I am always hungry. I guess that is because I am still breastfeeding.

My sister and Monty got a sweet potato and it was to die for. I think I will get that next time instead of the mashed potatoes. Though I do love their mashed potatoes. 

After dinner, Ayla saddled up her horse and rode it to Grandpa and Grandma Perry's house.

Grandpa and Grandma Perry had ordered this horse from Walmart for Christmas but it didn't come. So, long story short, they ended up getting it off of Amazon and it happened to come that day and when we got there, Grandpa Perry was putting it together. Ayla was the first to ride. 

We had to go over there because we had to put this cake I made earlier that day in their big freezer. We were going to celebrate our niece, Morganne's birthday Saturday but a lot of us were sick so we had to post pone it until this Saturday so the cake had to be frozen.

What a fun Friday!

Special Thanks to:

My mom for coming over earlier that day and watching Ayla, so I could decorate the cake.

My parents for paying for dinner.

And my other parents, the Perry's, for letting us put the cake in their freezer because the cake didn't fit in ours and it wouldn't have stayed fresh in our fridge.


Dawn Harvey said...

What a cool tradition to go to Texas Roadhouse! That place is so yum. Your plate made my mouth water. What a great memory for you guys. That cake looked so awesome too. You're so good at decorating cakes! I wish I had that talent.

Ann Marie said...

I know I am a loner here, but I just don't care for the Roadhouse food. The salads make me sick everytime. They taste good, and then I get sick. I wonder why??
We go sometimes because Chad LOVES it. What do I love? The rolls. I'll just go for the rolls. And I could probably eat their rolls for my dinner and dessert too.. MMMM. Carb heaven.. But, your right.. Lion house is the best in the world. The end. :)

Leah said...

Oh, did you see those ROLLS. yummy yummy....I love those!!!

I looks like once again you had a busy weekend. =)

You need some R&R Heather.

Debi (Dubs2007) said...

What a fun party! nice pictures too!