Friday, January 16, 2009

Fash Back Friday! #1

I have seen Flash Back Fridays on other peoples blogs and I really like to see the pictures they put on. It is fun to see older pictures of the person or things they have done in the past. Well, I decided to start doing these too. It won't be every Friday but I will propably do this a lot because I am planning on scanning all of my childhood photos my parents have and there are a lot. I have borrowed my mother's photo albums of me and my siblings when we were kids. I am excited to be able to have copies of all the pictures. I love technology! Isn't it great?

I chose this picture for my first one because I love it and It is a picture of my uncle Charlie holding me on my first Birthday. 

We lost Charlie Two years ago in January. He is my dad's brother and I was pretty close to him. I miss him and all his jokes. He was very talented at the claw machine (the machine you see in some restaurants or stores that have stuffed animals that you can win). I have Kermit the frog that he won. I love it because now it reminds me of him and I am a fan of Kermit the frog. I think he is such a cute character. I have gotten Ayla to love Kermit too. She loves to watch "Disco Frog" on youtube. It is a clip of Kermit dancing and singing "Disco Frog" 

Anyway I dedicate this Flash Back Friday to my sweet Uncle Charlie. 

I love you Charlie and I miss you!! 


Tierra Lynne said...

Aw how sweet! I'm so glad your doing flashback fridays! I too, enjoy seeing everyones past photos and hearing the stories that go with them. I sad about your uncle though but isnt it wonderful where we live in an age where have photos to go along with our memories??

BTW I'm a huge fan a Kermit. He sure knows how to rock the green LOL <3

Ann Marie said...

Sooo cute!
I have never seen a picture of you as a baby, and I can see a little of Ayla there..
So glad your doing flashback fridays! I wish everyone did!
~ And what a nice tribute to an Uncle!

Debi (Dubs2007) said...

What a good memory to start with! I love that we were blessed to remember our loved ones, and love technology that allows pictures to help us capture the moments!

Elizabeth said...

I've never heard of flash back Fridays. It's a good idea. I like seeing pictures of people when they were younger and hearing the stories behind the pictures. I'm sorry about your uncle. We lost my grandpa this past August and it was pretty hard. I'm glad that we'll all be reunited someday.

{Mo} said...

Yea~ Flashback Friday! Love it :)