Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Our niece Brooke was baptised!

This past Saturday, our niece Brooke was baptised. She turned 8 this past December and so she was old enough to decided to be baptised. I am so proud of her for deciding to. In our faith we believe that the age to be baptised is 8 and older. We believe that 8 years old is the age of accountability and that if the child passes before that, they are saved because they are innocent little children. 

This is Brooke in her pretty dress, waiting to get dressed to be baptised.
Brooke loves her little cousin Ayla
Notice she is playing with her? Brooke is becoming quite the "Mother Hen." 

I had to share this one because Kurt and Ayla are pulling the same face. You can totally tell that Ayla is his daughter.

Here are the happy parents with their child excited for her baptism.
Chris and Suz

Brooke's dad Chris had the privilege of baptising her. 
Brooke did really well. They had to baptise her twice because her foot came up out of the water. She was scared because she doesn't like to be under water but she was so brave and let her dad do it again. Good job Brookie!!

Ayla in her pretty dress.

I loved this picture of Krista. I thought she looked so pretty in it. And of course the handsome little guy in red, Baby Kurt.

After the services, we all had cookies and punch.
Notice Ayla and Morganne have the same dress?

I had to take this picture, I thought it was so sweet the two of them kneeling together.

The services were wonderful. Kurt even gave a talk about receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost because not only did Brooke get baptised, she received the Holy Ghost. It was a great talk. He was a little nervous for it. He teaches Sundays school every other week for the adults but I guess giving a talk to someone younger is definitely harder because you have to give it in a way that the child will understand.  Honey, you did a great job!

After the services and the cookies and punch, Grandpa and Grandma Perry took all of us out to breakfast at Dee's. Thanks again!

It was a wonderful experience to watch Brooke be baptised. I got so emotional because I love Brooke and was so proud of her. I know I will be a mess when Ayla is baptised. It was a spiritual experience and a wonderful way to start our Saturday.


Ann Marie said...

How cute!
This is going to be Tenney in a few months.. I can't belive how fast time goes by!

Leah said...

I forgot what I was going to say when I read Ann's comment.

TENNEY will be 8! No way! No way! ahhhhh.....time is going by so fast.

I loved the picture of Kurt and Ayla making the same face. How cute. It's amazing how much they can act like you isn't it. Evan and Noah make the same faces too. It's a little freaky!

QuintonandChristy said...

How fun, and the girls are so cute in their dresses!

Emily and beau.......ardie too said...

hey girl! what a cutie pie in her little white dress. i love the idea of having my daughters blessing dress and baptism dress displayed at her wedding reception. i know im cheezy. how are you?? we need to have a play date soon.