Monday, January 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Dad!!

Today is my dad's 60th birthday. He was 30 when he had me, so it is always easy for me to know how old he is. Yes, I will be 30 years young this year. I still think that 60 is not old either. Anyways, I wanted to wish my wonderful Dad a Happy Birthday and share 10 things I love about my dad.

Me and my Dad, this last Christmas.

#10- He is a movie buff. He loves to watch movies and I love to watch movies with him. He is always easy to buy for because you can always buy him a movie and he will be happy.

#9- He always wants to have breakfast with us kids. Ever since I was little he either has made breakfast or has taken us out to breakfast. Ayla and I usually go out to breakfast with my dad almost every Saturday. I cherish those moments.

#8- He is fun to ride rides with. He always screams out things that make the ride funner and then he talks about it after the ride is over.

#7- He is good at telling stories. He uses body language and is very passionate when he tells stories. I love to hear stories about his childhood. He talks about homemade pipe bombs they made as a kid and how they used them to startle each other. He always uses sound effects like BOOM!!! And it is really loud to the point it can get you to jump. The things my dad did when he was young, it is amazing that he lived through his childhood.

#6- He is very inventive. When we were kids and it snowed really hard, my dad would make mountains of snow so that we could sled down them. One time, he actually built a ladder with a slide that extended into the snow hill so that the hill would be extra tall. It was a blast to tube down. He has made shelves when ever he needs them and he made me a coffee table and I love it. He is very handy and if it is broken, he can invent a way to fix it.

#5- He loves the outdoors and has taught us kids to love them too. He loves to camp, hike and fish. And when I say hike, he hikes up a mountain with no trail. It is so fun when you reach the top of a hill and look down and see how high you are.

#4- He is a good sport and easy going. All I have to do is tell him we are doing something and he is up for it. I have talked him into riding some extreme rides in the past like the Sky Coaster at Lagoon, the Catapult at Lagoon and the Big Shot on top of the Stratosphere in Las Vegas. Even though they scared him to death, he has always been willing to ride the next ride with me. Plus, I like to take goofy pictures and he lets me make him look funny when I take the picture, even though he feels ridiculous.

#3- He is a hard worker and has taught me about hard work. He works as a garbage man and gets up at 2:30 am to go to work and then works about 12 hours a day, pushing heavy garbage containers out, so he can dump them with his truck. He is also good with cars. Ever since I can remember, he has worked on his cars during the weekends which he has off.

#2- He has taught me about service. He would do anything for any one. I have watched him see a person in need and go over a lend a helping hand. He has done a lot of work on cars for people and was not paid a sent. He has done it out of the kindness of his heart. He even helps people who have wronged him in the past and he is quick to forgive and lend a had to them as well.

The #1 reason I love my dad is that he loves to be a Dad to me and a Granddad to Ayla. He loves spending time with us and is always full of hugs and kisses. 

I am such a daddy's girl!

Happy Birthday Dad!!
I hope your day is wonderful and that you get to relax tonight and watch movies.
I love you!!!


Tierra Lynne said...

Oh Heather, this has to be one of my favorite post because your love for you father is shining through so bright. It actually made me tear up because I'm just now getting to that point with my Dad and I'm so happy for you to have had it all your life. The part about breakfast is sooooo amazingly sweet. Always , always keep those days with you where ever you go. Ayla is lucky to have such a great grandfather who has given a life of fun and meaning to you, her mom.

Hope your doing well & I MISS you!!! ~ Tierra

Ann Marie said...

I loved this post too!
You are a Daddy's girl, and what sweet things you shared..

Our Dad's are the same age!

QuintonandChristy said...

Aw, what a sweet post! Also... I tagged you on my blog!

Leah said...

Your dad reminds me of Robin Williams. =) What a stud!
Happy Birthday Dad #2! I really have a hard time believing he is way! he doesn't look or act it. =) hee,hee

Great post....he is so lucky to have a wonderful daughter like you. Can't wait to have breakfast with everyone next time we are in town. =)