Thursday, January 22, 2009

Saturday's Shower.

On Saturday, Ayla and I went to a baby shower. It was for one of my old co-workers from the airport. So Leah, Ann and Monica will probably recognize some of the people in the pictures.

This is Leli. She is the one the baby shower was for.

She and her family are from Kosovo. Everyone at the shower were from different countries except for a few of us. When you work at the airport, you work with a lot of foreigners. It is so fun to get to know them and learn about their cultures.

This is my good friend Mediah. She is Leli's sister and she was the one hosting the shower.

When Medi got married, I got to be a part of it because I took her around looking for wedding dresses because she didn't know where to look. It was a lot of fun because I love dresses and she looked beautiful in the ones she tired on. Her wedding was so neat and so different from our weddings here in America. Like I said, it is so fun to learn other peoples cultures.

Medi and I worked really close with each other. We were merchandisers in Terminal One together. We worked at the gifts shops. We became close friends. I have to say, I have a lot of good friends from working at the Airport.

This is their other sister Milinda.

This is my friend, Ester. She just loved Ayla and Ayla loved her.

Ester just kept playing with her.

I love this picture of Lari. She is so funny. I love her big smile.

This is Arton, Medi's boy. He loved playing with Ayla. He was so cute with her. He kept bringing her toys to play with. At one point he even gave her a hug and a kiss. What a sweet little guy. He is 3 years old.

Ayla with the teddy bear Arton let her play with.

He even brought out his tools to play with her. I love how Ayla has the hammer.

I tried to get a picture of everyone there but this was the best one.

Leah and Ann, if you click on the picture, you can see Marlene sitting on the couch. She looks really cute these days. She has very cute clothes. She was sporting a leather jacket when she came in. She is so cute.

I thought this was neat. Part of their tradition is to wrap the gifts in cellophane so you can see everything they got you.

Medi made this blanket for Leli. Isn't it adorable? Medi and Leli are so talented at crocheting. Look at all that work. WOW! You should see all the doilies they have made and hand embroidery.

This is something they like to do. They lay out everything that they get and display it.

When Medi got married, they laid out all of the dollies that were made for her for her wedding and other things that Medi had made for her marriage. It was so neat to see all the hand work that they did. It is a neat tradition they do.

Another thing about their showers, they totally feed you a meal. And part of it is peta. It is delicious. I love peta. I had never had it before I met Medi and her family. They are great cooks too.

Below are some more pictures that my friend Julie emailed me that she took at the shower.

Leli and Senita

Tanya, Ester and Senita with Arton and Ayla.

Me and sweet Ensia.

It was so good to see her. She is such a sweet women.

And a few pictures of Ayla.

She fell alseep one me! ZZZZ!

This one was my favorite. I just lover her teeth.

The shower was a lot of fun and I wish I could have gotten better pictures of every one there. Oh well. It was nice to see all the gang from ATG. It was an ATG party for sure.

I also noticed today that that was the last time I had been out of the house until today. Ayla has had a hard week and I have kept her in. She is doing better now but now her sleeping schedule is off and I am exhausted.


Ann Marie said...

So fun to see everyone!
Glad you had fun!!
They all look the same..

Leah said...

What a great post. =) I notice a lot of people from ATG...oh, I miss Marlene. It was great seeing them all again. I can't believe how time has passed...everyone is married with kids. Isn't it great!

Ayla looks like she might be getting a little crush on Aton...Do I need to remind her, that she will be marring Noah ?? Hee,hee

I love all of her teeth, you weren't kidding....

I am glad she is feeling better, I know you have had a hard week.

{Mo} said...

Oh the memories! Leli, Mediha, Esther, Enisa, Marlene...good memories. Leli was one of my favorite girls to work with... tell her HI from me when you see her again!

The Hartle's said...

This girl could not be any cuter! I miss you girls!

Debi (Dubs2007) said...

I gotta say my favorite picture is the one where she is asleep with her fingers in her mouth! my 2nd to youngest daughter is a finger sucker, and as a baby it was sooo cute! not su much now that she is almost 4 *sigh*.. but its ok. Your pictures turned out nice! what a fun experience to see the different cultures!