Monday, January 26, 2009

Ayla turned 11 months!

Ayla turned 11 months yesterday. I can't believe that my little girl will be 1 year in a month. I always do a post on her monthly birthdays because I want to keep a record of her. Plus I love to post about her! 

Ayla is still at 28 1/2 inches long and now weighs 17 lbs. She has gained a pound and is the same length. Either, she is not growing in length or I just don't know how to measure her. I'm pretty sure I don't know how to measure her. If she is the same length next month, I think I should be concerned but for now I think it is just me.

She has started on finger foods, finally. Not her fault, mine. I am always so afraid that she is going to choke. Well, she loves cheerios, breads and she has had pancakes. I tried her on some dried apples but she swallowed them whole. I won't be giving those back to her until she is a little older. Plus, the package said 12 month + (didn't see that when I bought it or fed it to her. Oops!!). 

She has learned to interact with other kids. I love to see her play with her cousin Morganne. She acted just like a little kid. It was so cute. I am sure she had this talent before but we didn't see it because Morganne isn't always around to play with and I guess Mommy and Daddy are not as exciting as Morganne or other kids. That's okay! She still interacts with us. She is a blast to play with. 

She started to say "OH!" to everything. It is as if she is excited to discover new things. It is adorable and Kurt says it is his favorite thing.

Ayla on her 11 month birthday in her Sunday Best!

Ayla has started to walk holding onto her train and walking around the living room. 
She has gotten good at walking by only holding on with one hand. She will walk around holding my hand. Plus yesterday, she took a few steps from me to the couch. She did that a couple of times. It won't be long! I am so proud of her!

Mommy loves you Ayla!!!


Ann Marie said...

Wow! So fun that she is almost walking! I love my kids walking!

Your blog is what you want it to be, don't apologize for what you want to put on it!

I love you! XO

Chad and Clair said...

I can't believe she almost a year too! It seems like just yesterday she was slobbering on my jewelry every week in sunday school. haha They grow up so fast. She is such a cutie!

Elizabeth said...

What a little cutie. Time sure flies fast, doesn't it? My little Megan is almost 2. Can you believe it? I like how you post something about her each month. It is really great to keep records of the milestones in your kids' lives. Plus, it will be fun for her to look at when she is older. She will know that you have always loved and adored her.

Leah said...

Noah is standing by himself. Yeah kids!!! I really wish we could be at Ayla's first birthday =( it makes me sad we won't be able to make it. I can't believe it's almost been a YEAR. HOLY COW!!

So when are you going to start planning baby # 2 hee,hee Not like anyone has asked you that before.

Debi (Dubs2007) said...

oh, that is the hardest part for me! when they start walking they are more offically not the baby anymore... it is such a cute picture of her with her "walker"...

Debi (Dubs2007) said...

I feel really slow now, but my daugher and yours are only 2 days apart I think, my daughter was born February 28th last year, so no wonder I keep identifying with your milestones!! lol.. I'm so silly...