Thursday, January 9, 2014

Our Thanksgiving!

This is a very short post. I didn't take a lot of pictures on Thanksgiving. We were originally going to have Thanksgiving at our house, like we have had in the past but our little Ash-A-Bee was sick. So Kurt and I took turns going to each of our families dinners. We would have gone to 2 dinners that day. Ayla got to go to both.

Poor sick kiddo!
 I took this picture while I was home with Ashlyn, during Kurt's family dinner at 11 am.

My family dinner was later that day. We had it over at Marion's house. 


 Aaron and Melissa joined us!
I am happy to announce they are engaged now! It was official on New Years! Yay! It has been fun planning things with Melissa! I am so excited for them!!!!

My sister, Marion is in the background!

 Ayla was so cute! She wanted to set the tables!

 Carolyn and my brother, Robert!

Uncle, Ruel!

That is about all the pictures I took. We had a yummy dinner that my Mom made and we all had a good time!

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Nancy Face said...

It's so sad when little kids are sick on holidays!

My little granddaughter Zoey had to go to Urgent Care just after midnight on New Year's Eve! Crazy, huh? I was amazed I could find one that was open!