Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Boot Camp!

Our theme for this year's Young Women's Camp was Boot Camp.


It turned out to be an awesome girls camp!

Here are the girls cleaning up the dishes.
We all made camo pants and had dog tags to wear.

What is boot camp with out an obstacle course?

Yes, we had an obstacle course.
Each obstacle needed to be done with teamwork. There were 6 obstacles. When they girls got through an obstacle there was a gospel message that went a long with the obstacle. It turned out awesome!

I will explain the obstacle and give a brief summery of the gospel message after each. It was in more detail but this post would take me forever to type and it would be super long if I did the whole message.

Obstacle #1
The Log

You had to rotate everyone on the log without falling off while holding hands. Can't figure out why this text is suddenly bold. :)

It was so fun watching them figure it out!

This group finished first.

Good job girls!

Message: Others can hold our hands and help us stay on the straight and narrow path to help us reach the other side.

I don't have pictures of obstacle #2.
It was supposed to be done with rope and I used boards because I didn't trust my knot tying skills. So the obstacle was way too easy. I didn't get the chance to take pictures because they were done way too fast, oh well.

This is what the obstacle was supposed to be, on a lower to the ground scale of course.
You are to lean on the other person while walking further out on the rope, further away from each other.

Message: Strait is the gate and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it. (3 Nephi 14:14)

Obstacle #3
The Broken Bridge

They had to get in groups of 2 , blind fold one and the other lead them across the pieces of wood.

Love the trust thing!


Message: Trust in the Lord because he can see the beginning to the end. He will lead you from one end to the other. He knows all things.

Obstacle #4
Walking Boards

Each group had to walk the boards from point A to point B.

This group took the lead!

Go, girls, Go!


Message: Walk together in faith.

Obstacle #5
The Army Crawl

Sad thing is we had stakes to hold the yarn but they wouldn't pound into the ground so my friend Dee Dee helped me improvise. We used tables. Smart thinking Dee Dee!

They had to get in groups of 2 and tie their wrists and ankles together, then craw under the barbed wire (yarn).

Half way!

At the end!

Message: Christ descended below all men, so he could understand all men's trials and pain.

The girls then wanting to race walking over the yarn.

Right in the middle of a high five!

Obstacle #6
The Moving Bridge

Each group had 2 pieces of wood. They had to use the wood as a bridge to get across the markers on the ground without stepping off the wood.

They did this one pretty quick!

It was pretty close.

Message: Christ carried his own beam and suffered every thing for us. We don't have to carry our own beams; he will do it for us.

In the end, they all were winners!

There was this tower that someone built and the girls loved climbing it.

Brave girl!

You can see her better in this picture.

Girls camp was amazing! Our testimony meeting was the best part of it! Each of the girls felt the spirit and each of us shared our feelings. That is what it is all about: strengthening each others testimonies. Like our theme.

I was so blessed by Heavenly Father with my tasks I had to do for girls camp. It was done so quickly and everything just came together. I even got all the wood for the obstacle course for free. Plus we have amazing leaders for the girls! They worked really hard to pull everything together.

Heavenly Father loves the youth of the church. I have felt it!


Ann Marie said...


I am a proud older sister today.. that you pulled all of this off in just a few short weeks.
Amazing I tell you. Amazing.

I loved each obstacle...and the message that went with it.. :)

I will have to keep this on the brain.. so if/when I go back to young womens.. we can do this theme!

Nancy Face said...

Yay, Girls' Camp is the best! Great job on all you did for the wonderful young women! Love the camo pants! :)

Heather said...

I can't take credit for the camo pants. The Young Women's president did that but we did make them.

Connie said...

Wow! You did an awesome job with girls camp! What a fun obstacle course for the girls to be challenged physically and learn spiritually!

I don't think I'd trust that tower!

Garden of Egan said...

Girls Camp looks like it was a lot of fun! Good lessons.

I'm over here from Cherie's blog.
We'll be meeting in October. I'm looking forward to it!

I've enjoyed my tour around here.
Cute blog.

eMily eLiZaBeTh said...

haha you had to go to girls camp too? oh the joys of young womens :)
misss ya girl
hope you are well

M-Cat said...

Oooh! I love this idea. Going to store away your ideas for next year's girls camp!

There is something special that can't be replicated that happens during testimony meeting at a girls camp. YW is the best calling ever!