Friday, August 13, 2010

Baby Kurt turned 2!

Baby Kurt turned 2 on Sunday and boy did we celebrate!
It all started on Friday. My sister-in-laws and all the kids and I went to the zoo together. We all have passes. We were at the zoo from 10 am until 4 pm. Long but fun day!

Morganne, Ayla and Kurt looking at a fox.

We played at the playground for about an hour.

Aren't they the cutest little chicks you have ever seen?

Silly goose, chillin' on top of the playground not caring that kids are being loud below!

We all road the carousel of course. Here is Brooke.

And Morganne

Brooke monkeying around!

I love this picture!

After the zoo that night, I baked a cake for Baby Kurt. Then Ayla and I went to the drive-in again. We went with my sister, Marion, my Dad and Lane.

We saw "Despicable Me." Loved it!! Way cute! We also watched "Charlie St. Cloud." I really liked that one too.

On Saturday, we started the day off at Arctic Circle for lunch.
The kids loved playing on the playground there.

Ayla would hold Baby Kurt's hand when they would go down the slide. It was so cute!

After Arctic Circle, we went to Hollywood Connection to celebrate!

Each of the kids got a balloon animal. Don't you love how Ayla's shoes are on the wrong feet? Classic! Love it!

Kurt and Morganne with theirs.

And of course, Brooke.

Brooke rode the dragon coaster over 20 times. She rode it with the girl that is in this picture. I actually took this picture before Brooke had to change seats so that the little girl could ride. She couldn't ride alone. Brooke is such a sweet girl!

Morganne and Ayla going down the slide at the same time.
I was so excited that Ayla was able to go through the jungle gym they have there this time! She has gotten really good at playgrounds. This one is a maze and I didn't feel she could handle it the last time we were there but this time I did!

She did great! See her climbing the slide? She even did it with no hands! Of course I didn't like it but sometimes I have to let go and let her be a kid.

They went face first.

And even on their backs.
We were at Hollywood for 4 hours that day. I was exhausted!

After Hollywood Connection we went home and I frosted and decorated Kurt's cake.

On Sunday, after church we went to my husband, Kurt's parent's house to continue to celebrate Baby Kurt's birthday.

Here is the cake I made for him. It was a Pocoyo Cake. Pocoyo is a kid show that isn't quite known here yet. I think it originated from Spain. You can youtube the cartoon clips. He is really cute!

Baby Kurt loves Pocoyo! He loved his cake too!

He got so excited, he couldn't wait to pick up Pocoyo!! So cute!

Here is one of us singing to him.
Of course Ayla is in front of the cake and Kurt has his eyes shut but I do love that he has M&Ms all over his mouth!

He had a great time opening his presents. And of course Ayla wanted to help.

All the kids really liked the guitar he got.

It was an exhausting but fun weekend celebrating Baby Kurt's 2nd Birthday.

We love you Baby Kurt! Happy Birthday!

This is how my weekends have been all summer. One Saturday, I went to breakfast with my family, went to visit my sick aunt, went to a funeral, went to a baby shower, swam at the shower and then went to a wedding, all in one day. Crazy, huh?


Garden of Egan said...

Looks like a ton of fun! Cute pictures. Darling family.

Cherie said...

Heather you guys are just party animals!! That is what summer is definately for - do everything you can. Looks like the kids all had so much fun, that's quite a group.
You are the best mom, aunt, friend, etc...always making those beautiful cakes!!! You are SOOOO talented!!

The Hartle's said...

Sounds like so much fun! Love a good day at the zoo!

TLC said...

Oh I just loved little Kurt! How sweet! You guys had a long and fun day. And again, another cake that was just amazing. I miss you guys the most :( and I wish that airplane tickets just came off of trees. I'd be out all the time!!!!

Erin said...

the pictures of ayla on the slide at arctic circle made me laugh...i probably shouldn't tell you how she plays on the slide in nursery...

Miss Megan said...

What a fun birthday! I have heard Despicable Me is good, but I haven't seen it yet. Do you think Peter would like it?

Sorry it's been so long since I have been around to check blogs. I hope you are doing OK. Sorry to hear about your aunt. xoxo

Nancy Face said...

Love all the cute, happy pictures! The cake is great like always! YAY!

I haven't seen "Despicable Me" or "Charlie St. Cloud" yet, but I really want to!