Sunday, April 15, 2012

Our Easter! 2012

First, I want to show our decorations.

I made this wreath out of puff balls. I am so proud of myself because I came up with the whole idea myself. I just made some puff balls, cut a circle out of foam board, drilled holes with a pencil and then stuck the pipe cleaners (the thing that holds the puff ball together) through the holes. I then hung it by some white ribbon. I love how it turned out!

And here it is with the rest of the decorations!

Here are the girls' Easter dresses.
They haven't worn them yet because we haven't gone back to church. It is supposed to be RSV season this month, so we are waiting. I plan on getting some pictures of them in them.

We started our Easter the Wednesday before Easter. Kurt's side of the family came over for a candy hunt in our backyard.

Kurt's cousin, Tina and her family joined us. This is her first time holding Ashlyn. The cool thing is Tina and I were friends through Jr. High and High school. It is a small world!

Here are the kiddos all excited to go out to find candy.
They decided to put their baskets on their heads.
Kurt, Ayla, Brooke, Morganne and James.

Let the hunt begin!

I love the excitement on James's face in this picture! You would think he found gold!

Ayla's loot!

Cute Kurt!

All the kids found bubbles during the hunt!

And chalk!

The kids had fun coloring with the chalk!

On Thursday, we went to my sister, Marion's to dye eggs.

Ayla and Lane!

They dyed all 18 eggs!

Saturday night, Ayla put out hers and Ashlyn's Easter baskets out so the Easter Bunny could come!

Ashlyn Easter morning! Cute girl!

And the Easter Bunny came!

Ashlyn's loot! Or should I say mine and Kurt's loot!

Ayla's loot!

Ayla opened hers and Ashlyn's presents!

Ashlyn got some bath cloths!

And this cute elephant bath cloth!

Ayla got this crown and wand set!

Puss in Boots!


a suncatcher to paint! Ayla loves to paint! She loves anything to do with art!

She also got 2 kites!

She was really excited about the candy eggs she got. She said. "Look my favorite!!!"

Ashlyn again! So cute!

I let Ayla paint her suncatcher that morning!

She did awesome!

We then had the Easter story through the Resurrection Eggs. You should check these out. It is fun way to tell children the Easter story.

Then we had my side of the family over for dinner that evening!

Marion and Monty brought their puppy for a little while. Then Monty took her home with him.

I had to get a picture of Kurt with the dog inside our home. This is something that will probably never happen again. We will never own a dog. Kurt likes dogs but he just doesn't want to live with them.

I took little Meshia outside!

Here is uncle Ernie, getting ready to eat his dinner!
My mom actually made the dinner. She mad a meatloaf and mash potato dinner, yummy!!

Ayla decided to dress up and act as Puss in Boots! Don't you love that her sword is her wand?

She was very attentioned to detail. She even went and put her boots on.

Then my sister, Marion, my brother, Robert and my Dad helped me hide 112 eggs in the yard so that Ayla and Lane could have an Easter Egg hunt!

My Dad got really creative!

Kurt and Ashlyn getting ready to head outside to watch the hunt!

Let it begin!

Ayla found the one my Dad balanced on the bubble wand!

Lane found all the high eggs!

Ayla's loot!
Each egg had one piece of candy in it.

We had a wonderful Easter with our families!


Ann Marie said...

Fun Easter!!

Ashlyn looks darling. I can see she is growing a ton! :)

Let's talk this week! Love ya!

Recksieks said...

Happy Easter to your cute family!!

Nancy Face said...

What a cute wreath you made! The girls' dresses are darling! Fun, fun Easter pictures!

Thank you so much for the birthday card - it was very thoughtful of you! I really LOVED getting your card after the birthday, because it was a big surprise and it meant that my birthday wasn't over yet! YAY!

The Wonderful World of Wampler said...

It looks like you all had a wonderful week of Easter :)

Miss you.