Monday, March 5, 2012

Ayla's and Kurt's Party!

To see all the work I put into these parties, read the beginning of the post before this post. It is the post about Ayla's party with her friends.

This is the invitation I made for the family and friend party!
This time we had hot dogs, since it was dinner time!

Everything was themed "My Little Pony," because this is Ayla's favorite show right now!

We also celebrated Kurt's birthday during this party!
You can see the little cake I made him sitting right below, Ayla's cake on the table.

I tried to get pictures of everyone that was there but of course some people were moving around to much to get a picture. Anyway, below are pictures I did get of people.

My sister, Marion and our grand niece, Rea!

Amy, her husband, John, my niece, Brooke, Marion and Rae!

My niece, Morganne and my nephew, Kurt!

Tried to get one of Uncle Ernie and my Dad!
My Dad is in the green sweat shirt.

My sister-in-law, Carolyn and her daughter, Angie!
Angie is Rae's mom.

My friend, Melissa with her boyfriend, Aaron!

We ate and then played all the games we played during the first party!

Pin the tail on Pinkie Pie!

This is cute little Ian!
He is Angie's other kid.

My nephew, Lane's turn!

Morganne won this game!

I loved that Angie tried to play!

They put the blind fold on Rae!
I am not sure she liked it.

I loved that Kurt tried too!

Little Kurt during the horse shoe game!

I think Lane was cheating! LOL!

And then the bowling!

After the games, we sang "Happy Birthday," to Ayla!

And then Kurt!

I loved that Kurt share blowing out his candles with Ayla!

Ayla sucking the frosting off of Pinkie Pie's feet!
She was on top of Aya's cake.

Then we opened gifts!

The first thing Ayla got was, one of my sister, Marion's bridals in a frame! She had asked Marion for it and you should have seen her reaction to it! She was so excited, it was too cute!

Marion and Monty also got her 3 shirts!

And they got her new finger paints!

My sister-in-law, Krista painted this picture of Ayla on the computer and framed it!

Isn't it amazing?!

My parents got her "Lady and the Tramp," on blue ray!
Kurt's parents got her a new dresser! You can see it in this post.

Kurt and I got her "Cars" on blue ray!

And this Pinkie Pie train set!

We also got her a "Splat the Cat," book!

And the game "Chutes and Ladders!"

We all had a great time at the party!

We had a great time at both parties!
I can't thank my family and friends enough for their help with the parties and cleaning them up! I couldn't have done it without them! I was so worn out after having the 2 parties that day but it was worth it!

I hung up the birthday banners I made and the Pinkie Pie I drew on Ayla's bedroom wall!

Ayla loves them and so do I!
I don't plan on taking them down until next year!

I am so glad we had the parties on the 11th, even though Ayla's birthday was the 25th of Feb. and Kurt's was the 26th of Feb. Kurt, Ayla and I all came down with a something a couple of days after the parties! We are now trying to recover before the baby gets here. There were 2 reasons I had their parties early, first, I knew we might come down with something and second I didn't want to be stressed about parties so close to the baby's due date. It all turned out!


Garden of Egan said...

It looks like everyone had so much fun. You did so much for them. You're a great mom and wife!!!

Good luck with the upcoming "event"

Nancy Face said...

I love Ayla's painting - it's so magical!

Ann Marie said...

I love Ayla's painting!

The party looked like soo much fun and the banner is DARLING!!!!

Happy new baby Ashlynn! Can't wait to meet her! ~ And squeeze her!