Friday, February 24, 2012

I have been nesting!

I have had a extra boost of energy this last month. I have been getting a lot of stuff done to get ready for the baby.

This is pretty much what I look like right now.

I thought we were going to have the baby this last Wednesday. I had contractions from 6 am until 2 am the next morning. I had a doctors appointment that day, they put me on monitors and did an ultrasound to see how the baby was handling the contractions. She was doing really well. When they sent me home they said they thought I was in the early stages of labor and that they would probably see me that night or the next day. The last contractions I felt were around 2 am when I fell asleep. I woke up the next day and the contractions had stopped. I have had a few here and there since then but nothing like that day. I didn't even go 10 minutes without having a contraction. I am now 38 weeks!

Anyway back to the nesting thing. This all started when my mother-in-law bought Ayla and her new little sister beautiful new dressers. I had to clean out the nursery so I had a place to put one of the dressers. I will show you that project towards the end of this post. But since then it sent me on a cleaning streak.

I cleaned out all the storage I had at my parents and at my sister's house.

It felt good to send these boxes from my parent's house to the D.I!
I only brought home the baby cloths, pictures and a few other things that could not be replaced. I did the same at my sister's. It feels so good to know I don't have anything sitting around at other people's houses! I have everything I am keeping with me!

Here is a picture of Ayla's new beautiful dresser! I love it!
It also put me in the mood to start to hang a few things up in Ayla's room.

I hung her white shelf and put her letters on it.
I still have to do her letters, one of these days. I think I will do them once I decided how I am going to paint her room, now that we own a house.

I hung up her Aurora poster.
I also hung up her birthday banner I made her for her birthday party on the blank wall but I am not showing that on the blog until I show Ayla's birthday parties. They turned out awesome by the way!

I hung up her temple picture and this cute shelf I bought at the D.I. for $3. I thought this shelf would be prefect for her to hang her purses and coats. She always hung them on door handles. It turned out to be prefect!

I also finally finished a project I have been wanting to do for almost a year. I had Ayla's pictures taken almost a year ago but the big print was 10x13. To get that framed would have cost a fortune. I finally gave up and decided to have it reprinted to a 11x14 (I paid to have the copyrights to it) for $12 at Inkleys.

I bought a frame from the D.I. for $1.50.

I painted it white. I bought a mat for 50% off from Micheals because I had a coupon. The mat only cost $4.

And then I framed it! I love it! And I did it for less than $20!
I was going to hang it in her room but I hung it in our hallway because I want people to see this cute picture! This also motivated me to hang a few more pictures in our home.

Now onto the nursery.

This is what the room looked like before I did anything to it. The room became a dumping ground for things we were not sure where to put them. There were a lot of boxes I had to go through. It took me almost a week to get this room cleaned out.

And this is what it looks like now.
I also put up the crib, got the swing out, got the bouncing chair out, hung a white shelf and a few pictures in this room. I also bought a new nursing cover off of Amazon for $12. Notice it hanging on the dresser? Isn't it cute?

I cleaned all the baby cloths, blankets, baby towels, wash cloths and burping cloths. This is just a picture of the onesies. Boy does this kid have a lot of cloths! I forgot how many Ayla had! It took me 3 weeks to get them all clean in between our regular laundry.

I am happy to say that as of today which is 02/20/12 (I know this post is going to be posted until the 24th but I had to wait until all my sister's wedding posts were posted.) that I am finally have everything ready for the baby to come.

Other things I have gotten done are..

*I did Ayla's and Kurt's birthday parties early on the 11th so that I wouldn't be stress around the baby's due date, March 5th. Ayla was due on March 4th and was born on Feb. 25th. I also wanted us to get over any sicknesses we might pick up from the parties. Guess what? We did get sick. We are all trying to recover from sore throats and congestion. It has been a week now. Hopefully it will be gone before the baby gets here.*
*Got the pack and play/ bassinet out beside my bed with bedding in it.*
*I got a new pump kit for the pump*
*Got the Boppy out*
*Packed Kurt's, Ayla's and my bags for the hospital.*
*I bought some diapers and wipes. I also got the changing pad out.*
*The new car seat my sister, Marion bought is sitting by the front door, ready to go.*

I think I am ready!!!
I am hoping she comes on the 24th because one, it is the weekend and Kurt will have more time with me and the baby and two, Ayla's birthday is the 25th and Kurt's is the 26th. It would be so funny to have all their birthdays right in a row!

And now I want to show you a couple of cute things my sister has bought the baby!

These adorable socks! I love that they are polka dotted too! I love polka dots! I am in love!

And the darling new car seat that I mentioned earlier! Isn't it cute? I love it!

It feels so good to be ready! All I have to do now is wait!

Who knows by the time you read this we might have had her by now or having her today! She might even last until her due date which is March 5th! I hope she doesn't go over!


Nanette said...

That is SUCH a good feeling to be ready for baby #2! I am excited for you!

Ann Marie said...

Yay for nesting!!

I wish more people would "nest" and it wouldn't take pregnancy to motivate! :)

Everything looks fabulous! I am excited for you.. and can't wait to see her!

PS: Love the car seat. Sooo cute!

Kandis & Derek said...

I'm so excited for you! And I love Ayla's pic! Absolutely adoreable.

Garden of Egan said...

Cute decorating!
Nesting??? That's an understatment!

Hope things go well!
My sons birthday is today and my granddaughters is tomorrow.

That is funny that your two loved ones are so close together.

Nancy Face said...

Whoa, you have been SERIOUSLY busy! Great job on all the organizing and decorating!

The dressers really ARE beautiful!